This weekend′s book review is of Obama′s Shorts by Stephen Goldberg, published by CreateSpace. This book is the Aesop′s Fables of the 21st Century! A collection of 29 short stories featuring our favorite White House power couple, Barack and Michelle Obama, along with a cast of other characters. Together, their efforts to transform the United States into a Progressive-Socialist Utopia run into one minor little barrier – REALITY! Goldberg sets the stage over and over again with his parables demonstrating the flawed thinking that is going on in our nation′s capitol. He does so with wit and entertaining stories which are certain to either make you chuckle, or make your blood boil.

book review obama  s shorts

Either way, Goldberg enlightens the reader as he often carries the Obama agenda to the next, illogical level. For example, in the very first story, he delves into Michelle Obama′s obsession with becoming the J. Edgar Hoover of the Federal Food Police. How one piece of legislation, which is bound to fail in changing behavior, leads to another, and a another, each escalating in tyranny. If you cannot get children to voluntarily eat better while at school, you ban all ′bad foods.′ Since the children are still not losing weight, you extend the long arm of the government into their homes. If a parent, or in this fable′s case, a grandmother, is still preparing sugary desserts, then throw the old lady in jail.

The big problem is that Obama routinely faces throughout these stories is the human spirit that longs for liberty. He just can never seem to squash it sufficiently. In one story, he bemoans to his wife about how much everyone hates him and opposes his agenda. Do not they realize that he is trying to help them all? Michelle tries to comfort him, pointing out how its all the fault of George W. Bush, the Tea Party, Rush Limbaugh, etc. But, even Michelle has her thirst for some freedom of her own and demands that Barack arrange for yet another vacation, this time to Paris! If he does not bend to her desire, then she won′t like him very much, either.

My favorite story is when Obama meets the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. I won′t give away too much, but Goldberg hits the nail on the head with this one! Jefferson begins by asking Obama if he may call call Barack and offers him in good nature to call him Tom. Naturally, Obama rejects this, demanding to be called ″Mr. President.″ The lecture Jefferson gives Obama on the Constitution after that is wonderful!

So if you are looking for a fun read, I hope my book review of Obama′s Shorts by Stephen Goldberg helps. His collection of amusing tales is well worth the price! The book is available through Amazon and other sources. I suspect that even Barack and Michelle Obama might find some of the stories amusing, if they have a sense of humor. But, alas, they may be too steeped in their own Progressive-Socialist philosophy to see past the errors of their ways. Special thanks to Ginny at News&Experts for allowing me to review this book.