Happy anniversary, Right Pundits! Thanks to all of our fabulous contributors over the past year, including Joe Citizen, MBT, MDefl, Tina, Jill, OSAPian, and even Lisa (she counts too). Thank you for making this your home.

The anniversary party was raging. You can see in the photo that MBT, LisaB, MDefl, and Tina had a fine time although we cannot talk about the details.

And thanks to our visitors, all 7 million to our rightpundits.com blogs. And definitely last, thanks to our commenters, who are sometimes appreciated, even the snarky but lovable BlogHole Reader, and his friends, family, and coworkers.

Rightpundits.com has been mentioned in Salon.com, the Washington Post, National Review, Huffington Report, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Times, CNN, London Daily Telegraph, and countless other mainstream liberal media outlets. The patriotic kids at Daily Kos linked us, thanks to MDefl, which means we must be doing everything wrong. The liberal media loves us, especially Time Magazine….