Officials in Afghanistan are warming to calls for our soldiers involved in the so-called Koran burning incident to be prosecuted. If Barack Obama does this he will cause more hate for himself and for this country for it than for any action he’s yet perpetrated as President of these United States. Further, if Obama does this, he and his party will deserve the political backlash that will befall them.

For those unaware of the incident — and if you are you deserve condemnation yourself — on February 20 US officials at Bagram Air Field burned a load of reading material consisting of religious tracts, newspapers, and some copies of the Koran. These were items confiscated from prisoners and were found to have been used by inmates to pass on messages to each other with the scribbling made by prisoners marked upon the materials.

US officials decided to burn these items to eliminate them from being further used against our security efforts there. There was no sleight meant to anyone’s religion. None. It was done strictly for purposes of security. Period.

Now left-wing media outlets like the Associated Press are noting that up to five of our own military personnel could face “disciplinary review” over their part in the burning incident.

Separate investigations went on after this incident became public knowledge, most especially because of the inhuman, uncivilized Muslims that erupted in rioting over this trivial incident. U.S. officials say no crime has been committed but Afghan officials are saying the burning was done with “intentional” sleight meant.

So far at least four Americans have been killed by barbarian members of the “religion of peace” because of the burning incident.

There are a few things to keep in mind, here. First and foremost is that this incident proves that Muslims don’t care about the actual tenets and practices of their “religion” and merely want to use Islam as a weapon with which to kill people they don’t like. I say this because it is accepted Muslim practice to dispose of Korans that have been defaced with writing by burning them.

If Muslims actually cared abut their religious practices as ideals set in stone, they would look at this incident and be happy that U.S. Officials disposed of these items in the “correct” way.

Instead they kill people over this faux sleight to their “religion.”

But that aside, as we have come to fully accept that the thugocracy we call Islam has nothing to do with religion, if Barack Obama bows before tyranny again — as he has done repeatedly during his odious reign in the White House — he will seriously harm our country.

He will make our military look like weaklings, he will make our resolve in Afghanistan seem built on a foundation of quicksand, and he will put all our military at risk. Back home, if Obama prosecutes our soldiers for this faux outrage, he will fully prove that he hates our military and he will be acting the traitor to this country.

This is not to say that we should never prosecute errant members of our armed forces nor is it to say they can do no wrong. As a nation we’ve prosecuted our own when they’ve acted criminally more than any other nation on earth. We’ve rooted out negligence and punished those that perpetrated it. That is a proper thing to do for a civilized country and we’ve led the world in holding our own to the same high standards we’d expect from others.

But this incident is neither negligence nor criminal. In fact, it was what should have happened. If any Koran in Afghanistan is used to pass messages to terrorists they should be destroyed — the terrorists and Korans both.

Barack Obama better not side with his distant Muslim relatives with this one. As president it is about time he sided with U.S. This incident should be forgotten by U.S. officials. It is NOT a prosecutable incident.