This week, the new season began on Sons of Guns, the story of Red Jacket Firearms, a gun modification firm located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. This year, as was last, seems to have the subplot of the continuing romance between Stephanie Hayden and Kris Ford. For those of you who have lost the thread of this plot, it goes something like this.

Kris met Stephanie at a party in 2009. I assume that alcohol was heavily imbibed during this raucous event, but that just might be my impression of Kris and the source of his charm. Anyway, Stephanie was apparently smitten with the lad, and offered him a job as an apprentice at Red Jacket, the firm owned by her father, Will Hayden, and herself. Even though Kris had little or no knowledge or aptitude of anything mechanical, he jumped at the chance to be near the winsome lass.

Soon, thereafter, the firm became the subject of a television show on the Discovery channel (Wednesdays, 9:00 eastern). The first two seasons were incredibly good, teaching viewers a lot about firearms of all types. It emphasized how weapons could be modified to be more useful for particular situations encountered by the military or different police agencies.

Unfortunately, last season, there was a plot twist where Kris and Stephanie began dating. Since this is Louisiana, after all, Will decided that the ability to satisfy his daughter’s needs was sufficient to promote the clueless Kris from apprentice to project manager. Kris, since this is Louisiana, then decided that since he was now a boss, he therefore knew everything about gunsmithing. For some reason, this alienated the actual gunsmith, Vince Buckles. At the end of last season, Vince abruptly left, having been blamed for all of Kris incompetent actions in an important build. Vince has now started his own firm, Mesa Kinetic Research.

Well, at the end of last season, Will, Stephanie, and Kris got together in front of a Las Vegas chapel. It was revealed in Wednesday’s episode that the two lovers had indeed wed in Vegas, securing Kris as a project leader for the company. There are a lot of questions remaining to be resolved this season. Unfortunately, few of these queries actually involve guns. Can Kris learn that it probably isn’t wise to pull the pin on a grenade while holding it in his hands, as he did in this week’s episode? How important is it to remain at least marginally sober when testing guns, even in Baton Rouge? Why does Stephanie, one of the more eye-catching women on a reality program, find the dissolute Kris even slightly attractive?

I’ll be doing an update in a few months at the end of the season.