ABC News was the first to rediscover a 2002 video of Mitt Romney showing that he’s once again made a major ideological flip flop in this campaign for president.

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In 2002 when Mitt was running for Governor in Massachusetts, he told a small gathering of supporters that he was a big supporter of going to the federal government for cash for pork spending projects. He also touted his being a fan of going to Washington because “that’s where the money is.”

“I want to go after every grant, every project, every department in Washington to assure that we are taking advantage of economic development opportunities,” Romney tells the group.

Yet during this campaign for president he’s excoriated Santorum and Gingrich both for being Washington insiders and for having voted for pork spending projects in the past.

This is the main complaint against Romney. He was once an anti-gun guy, until he wasn’t. He was once a big supporter of abortion, until he wasn’t. He was a supporter of big government spending, until he wasn’t. Worse he’s still a supporter of government take overs of healthcare, the one thing he refuses to distance himself from.

Romney simply cannot be believed in anything he says and any real conservative should work to defeat him in this primary.

In fact, I maintain that no conservative actually supports Mitt Romney. What they support instead is the “well, he can win” meme. No self-respecting conservative can actually believe that Romney is himself a conservative. It may be a legitimate claim that of the three main GOP candidates Romney has the better chance to beat Obama, but what isn’t true is that Mitt Romney is at all a conservative.

Is Mitt Romney better than Obama? Marginally, yes, and enough so that he’d get my vote over Obama. But I hope he never gets the opportunity to get my vote in November because I want to vote for a conservative, not a faux conservative whose entire political career proves he’s a center left, big government, abortion-supporting, moderate.

This ABC report is just one more example o the real Mitt Romney, the one that has a left leaning record. Not the Mitt Romney that suddenly claims he’s a conservative. He just isn’t. Period.