Yes, Barack Obama had a busy Thursday! He worked all of 30 minutes before leaving the White House to hit the campaign trail and raise money for his reelection. Meanwhile, 2 more American soldiers died in Afghanistan as a result of the continuing violent fallout from the Koran burnings. No, they were not killed by insurgents or members of the Taliban, but by our alleged allies. But never mind that, for Obama spent most of the day raising money for his reelection, at our expense. His trips to New Hampshire and New York skirted Federal Election Committee regulations as Obama made one short, and ridiculous speech about $5 gas and why its the fault of Big Oil. Even though his own hand-picked energy secretary, Steven Chu, admitted while appearing on Capitol Hill that it was not the Department of Energy′s objective to reduce the price of gasoline, just its usage.

obama busy day

Last night during his radio show, the Great One, Mark Levin, gave us a rundown of the Obama itinerary. Barry started his day at the White House at 10am EST with a National Security briefing. Despite all that is happening in the world, including the deaths of two more American soldiers thanks to Obama′s apology over the Koran burnings, Barry-Barack could not wait around all day. He had a plane to catch. By 10:30am EST, he was in his helicopter headed for Andrews Air Force Base. By 10:45am EST, Obama was climbing on board Air Force One. You know, that jetliner which costs us taxpayers about $180,000 an hour to operate. Not including his back-up 747, nor the several other military transports which carry his awesome limo, The Beast, along with additional vehicles, staff, personnel, etc.

Wheels up at 11am EST and Barry Hussien Soetoro-Obama was in the air headed for Nashua, New Hampshire. The speech he gave on energy policy was suppose to start at 1:40pm EST, but he was a tad late. Perhaps they had a little head winds or maybe the teleprompters needed extra work? Not that it really mattered much since nothing he said was either original or true. At one point, Obama bragged that the new CAFE standards set to force all cars and trucks to have an average fuel efficiency of 55 miles per gallon of gasoline would save the typical America family some $8,000 a month. WHAT? He probably meant to say a year, but that mangy teleprompter tripped him up again. Even if he meant $8,000 a year, that would imply that Obama, and Dr. Chu, expect gasoline prices to be double what they are now. Hmmm.

Back to Air Force One and wheels up, arriving in New York City in time to appear at the first of four fundraising events, beginning at 4pm EST. That one was held at the posh penthouse apartment of Sarah and Victor Kovner on West 67th Street, according to the Politico′s rundown of Obama′s activities posted this morning. The last event was at another private residence, this time, the home of interior decorator Michael Smith. According to the Politico article by Donovan Slack, Obama raised a total of about $5 million dollars and reached the 100th fundraiser milestone. At this same time in 2004, George W. Bush held 56 fundraisers and in 1996, Bill Clinton held 37.

Fortunately for us, one person was paying attention to what was really happening in the world. GOP presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, attacked the Obama apology about the Koran burnings, demanding that Obama get tough with Hamid Karzai and extract an apology from him. Karzai has done practically nothing to quell the violence in his country. If our troops cannot operate without the fear of being attacked or killed by so-called ′friendly′ Afghans, then Gingrich said that its time to just pull out and let Karzai twist in the wind.

So that sums up the busy day for Barack Obama. He spent at best about 30 minutes on Thursday doing the work of the American people. And folks on the Far-Left wonder why I keep calling Obama the laziest president in U.S. history! Never you mind that two more American soldiers were killed in Afghanistan by our alleged allies or that we have $5 gas. Obama had more important things to do, like raise $5 million dollars for his reelection campaign. Forget that the travel expenses for Obama′s day away from the White House probably cost us taxpayers double that. There is no doubt that Barack Hussien Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, is the most arrogant, and laziest, president we have ever had. He, like most tyrants, treats his office as one of an emperor′s. Oh, I forgot to mention that Obama did do one interview where he claimed to have known about Knicks basketball phenom, Jeremy Lin, a fellow Harvard Man. How nice is that? God save us all!