Today, the Senate voted down the Blunt Amendment. This measure, if it would have become law, would have permitted any employer to opt out of any of the Obama healthcare mandates, if the employer claimed that it violated his or her religious beliefs. Obviously, this was intended to keep the issue of religious freedom uppermost in the mind of Republican base voters, social conservatives. Democrats were only too glad to play along with this charade, assuming that they could get more women’s votes. Why was it purely symbolic? Well, no matter what these silly geese did on this vote, I’d guess that Obama might veto the highway bill to which it is attached, calling their bluff.

And these clowns in Congress wonder why their approval rating hovers around 10%. Many of them are scurrying around all over cable news programs like little rats, at the behest of a tiny socialist nation, urging us to fight another decade-long war, this time with Iran. There’s certainly a lot of support in the nation for this action, assuming the nation consists of Manhattan and K Street. Everyone knows that the nation’s deficit is a scandal, but nobody has the courage to actually cut any benefits, or raise taxes. Unemployment is down (down!) to around 8.3%, so why should we care about that? Our schools are a national disgrace, but luckily when the population can’t read or write, it’ll spend their free time voting on American Idol. Should our senators and representatives do anything about these issues or scores more that I could mention. Heck no, let’s everyone in Congress just give fiery speeches so the loons on both sides know who’s their daddy (or mommy).

The weirdest part of this silliness today is that it will probably cost the GOP any chance it had to win the Senate. Olympia Snowe has made a lot of votes in alignment with the party in recent years. She knew that she would have to also vote for this, or her primary challenger would beat her up, so she chose to resign instead, and voted against the amendment. Now, there are 2 weeks until candidates can get enough signatures to run in the primary. The only Republican likely to succeed is the guy who was going to try to defeat her, Scott D’Amboise . You want to know how likely he is to win in November? Think Christine O’Donnell without the charm.

Both parties do this nonsense. The last time the Republicans chose to cloak themselves with symbolism on this scale was in 2005, with the notorious Terri Schiavo case. That worked out pretty well, I guess. So why not do it again?

It’s like these guys are trying to re-enact the movie Animal House. As Otter said, at the conclusion of one of the greatest scenes in film history, “I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!” bluto responds, ‘We’re just the guys to do it.” Well, if we want a futile and stupid gesture in modern-day America, Capital Hill are just the guys to do it.

Here is the clip from the movie. It might take your mind off of the herd of Blutarskis who we’ve placed in Congress. Caution: if you are a child who has never heard vulgarity, it is probably best not to click on the link, or ever to watch Animal House.