I suppose the title could apply to a great deal, but in this case, the Far-Left is going bananas over Rush Limbaughs remarks about Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke calling her a “slut”. She testified before an unofficial hearing sponsored by Nancy Pelosi concerning the birth control issue, that Catholic schools and hospitals provide their employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives. Fluke told a panel of Democrat congresswomen that the Jesuit-run Georgetown University health insurance plan available to their students does not fund contraceptives. Limbaugh said during his radio program on Wednesday, after reading a report from the Cybercast News Service, that Fluke testified that she and her fellow female law students were having so much sex that they could not afford contraceptives. Fluke stated that the insurance offered by the university which does not cover contraceptives costs $3,000 per year. Mind you, the tuition is $45,000 per year and a dorm is an additional $20,000. UPDATE – Last night, Rush Limbaugh has a bomb scare when a mysterious package arrived at his home. Given the public reaction, several homes nearby were evacuated by police until it was determined that the package was a harmless gift from a fan.

rush limbaugh sandra fluke
Rush Limbaugh is stirring up trouble again, this time over testimony before Congress on birth control access by Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke. Image Credit: Judy Eddy / Wenn.com.

So Limbaugh challenged the morals and behavior of Sandra Fluke, albeit in a less than savory way. During today′s program, Limbaugh responded to the outrage by the Far-Left, offering to buy and supply all female law students at Georgetown with aspirins. His own staff researched the cost of contraceptives, which they estimated to be between $15 to $50 per month. Even the cost of condoms, purchased in bulk, would amount to just under a dollar each. In most communities, there are services or agencies that even supply condoms for free.

Once again we have a case where the Far-Left loons have gone off the deep end of reality. Flukes testimony before Pelosi′s panel is about as phoney and ridiculous as when the Kuwait ambassador′s daughter testified before Congress back in 1990 about seeing Iraqi soldiers tossing premature infants out of incubators. This is America! Nobody forced Flukes or her loose girlfriends to attend a Jesuit school. If she was so concerned about this issue, maybe she should have gone someplace else that appreciates and enables her lusts. But as Limbaugh recounted today, Fluke told the Washington Post that she knew about the school′s policy. She is basically a political activist who was waiting for an opportunity to attack that policy.

Kudos to Rush Limbaugh for setting that “slut”, Sandra Fluke, straight on the contraceptive and birth control issue. To paraphrase Jed Camplett, ″One of these days I need to have a long talk with that girl.″ Well, Rush Limbaugh is talking and God bless him for doing so! Perhaps Nancy Pelosi can arrange for some law school in California to admit Sandra Fluke and all of her loose girlfriends? In the meanwhile, leave the Jesuits at Georgetown University alone as they are only exercising their Constitutionally protected right to practice their religion as they deem necessary. Oh, and if you like Rush Limbaugh, do not send him any gifts that might look like a bomb!