Might Barack Obama wind up in history as being known as America′s last president? I know what you are thinking. ″There goes Andy again on another crazy conspiracy theory!″ But oddly enough, one Russian academic who had been a consultant to the old KGB thought so, way back in 1998! True, he did not name Barack Obama by name, but Professor Igor Panarin cannot know ever minor detail, now can he? The former Colonel in the KGB is an expert in many disciplines, including psychological warfare, politics, and economics. In 1997, he predicted that America′s last president would be elected in 2008 and that an economic collapse would cause the United States to break apart into several separate nations in 2010.

Okay, so America is still one nation, or so ′THEY′ say, and it ′looks′ like we will have an election this November of 2012 without Obama declaring martial law and suspending the Constitution. But as ′THEY′ well know, ′looks′ can be deceiving. Let us consider for a moment that Obama wins reelection. Let us further consider the potential of another, even worse economic collapse occurring in 2013 or 2014. Europe is on shaky ground and China is poised for a major upheaval. In 2014, China will complete their version of the world′s tallest building, which in the past several cases, the last being in Dubai, led to a major recession.

Igor may not be accurate in his details, but his trend-lines are not to be dismissed off hand. He predicted that America will break up into six pieces, with Russia seizing Alaska, Japan seizing Hawaii and the rest of the U.S. forming four new nations. The Western states will become part of China, the South part of Mexico, the Northeast part of the EU and Canada grabbing the Great Lakes and Northern Tier states. Now, even I don′t buy that one! After all, those of us who know the plans of the New World Order understand that the ′real′ plan is to divide America into 10 regional nations, based on the 10 Federal Reserve Bank districts. This was confirmed back in the early 1990s when a map of the ′New America′ found its way on the back cover of the Kix cereal box. I, myself, purchased one and have it stashed away in my basement bunker for posterity′s sake.

Yes, it all sounds rather nutty. But lets look at the facts. They do keep piling up! We′re printing or digitizing money at an alarming rate. While some say the economy is starting to improve, the impact of the housing and financial collapse of 2008 have yet to be fully addressed. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are already bundling delinquent mortgages of homes worth over $1 million dollars into a new wave of mortgage-backed securities. Our National Debt is larger than our GDP and scheduled to nearly double in the next decade Obama signing the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, gives the federal government even more power than before to arrest and detain citizens. Unemployment is still high, gasoline prices are still high, water and other necessities are becoming more scarce and expensive, durable goods sales were the worst last month in 3 years. I could go on, but you get the point. The scales are tipping and not in a favorable way.

Throw in a ′Black Swan′ event, like a major earthquake or the much anticipated Coronal Mass Ejection, a massive solar flare that could take out our electrical grid for months, even years, and the future becomes a very scary place. David Walker, the U.S. Comptroller General who served as head of the Government Accounting Office from 1998 till 2008 is warning that America is already very divided and in big trouble. He points out through his new group, Comeback America, that our government is very dysfunctional. That in a very real sense, ever since the founding of our republic in 1789, that the United States has NEVER had a long-range game plan! Basically, we′ve been flying blind and faking our way all through history.

So whether Igor Panarin is accurate in his predictions or not, one should not dismiss him so easily. America faces many challenges right now. Barack Obama has made matters worse, not better, since the financial collapse of 2008. The nation is more divided now than ever before. The number of factions keep growing, with the newest faction, the Dependency Class, now reaching a level of nearly 50%. Half the country is paying taxes and supporting the Dependency Class. We′ve seen this story before and it never ends well. Given the ever increasing complexity of our world, the potential for a catastrophe likewise is increasing. While some have high hopes that the Tea Party movement might save the day, even they still want their government checks to keep flowing. Wise men like David Walker echo, to a degree, the warnings of those like Igor Panarin. America needs a new president who actually has a long-term vision along with some short-term solutions. Otherwise, Barack Obama may still well be the last president ever elected.