Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney easily won in Arizona yesterday, but it may be the Michigan primary results that could have an impact on next week′s Super Tuesday elections. Arizona was called almost as soon as the polls closed at 9pm EST. Romney won over Rick Santorum handily by about 19 points. Yet, Mitt still flooded the airwaves with negative campaign ads against Santorum, resulting in a low turn out. For example, Kayla Frost of the Tuscon Citizen reported that in Pinal County, only 61% of the absentee ballots requested were turn in. The same occurred in Michigan, where barely 18% of registered voters cast ballots. The Great Lakes State was inundated with negative TV ads not only from both candidates and their Super PACs, but also from the PACs of Barack Obama and other Left-leaning groups, like

michigan primary results

During our own Live Blog coverage of the elections last night, one of our guests, David from Georgia, likened the Romney campaign to Sherman′s March. Romney and his PAC outspent Santorum by a ratio of five-to-one. Exit polls from both states showed that Romney′s main appeal is still the myth that he is the most electable to take on Obama in November. In Michigan, only 7% of Romney voters thought him to be Conservative. Romney edged out Santorum 41% to 38%, a rather poor showing considering it was his ′home state′, in this case, where he was born and raised.

Santorum had been leading in Michigan up until late last week when the fallout from his poor debate performance, along with being distracted from his Midwest industrial message to talking about social issues. His lead began to slip away by the weekend, with Romney being ahead by as much as 9 points in some polls. But then Romney had some gaffes of his own. His big economic speech in the nearly empty Ford Field stadium made Mitt look small and weak. Then his remarks at the Daytona 500, poking fun at NASCAR fans clothing, once again painted Romney as out of touch with ordinary Americans.

Mitt Romney told a Michigan audience that unlike Rick Santorum, he will not ″set his hair on fire″ in bashing Barack Obama just to win votes from the Republican base. His ′victory′ speech last night was typical Mittens, dull, boring, and plastic. Santorum, on the other hand, gave a decent speech where he promised to carry on the fight. The former Pennsylvania senator had a bad week of gaffes, ranging from calling Obama a snob for wanting every child to have access to a college education to saying he threw up when he read John F. Kennedy′s speech from 1960 on the separation of Church and State.

So with the Arizona and Michigan primary results behind them, how do things look for Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum on Super Tuesday? Its anyone′s guess. So far we have seen how Romney can destroy his opponents by pummeling them with negative TV ads. But thus far, he′s only had to focus on one or two states at a time for the most part. Next week′s Super Tuesday elections include primaries and caucuses in 10 states all on the same day. The Newt Gingrich Super PAC has received another big check for $10 Million dollars from Sheldon Adelson to help Newt battle in Southern states like Georgia, as well as Alabama and Mississippi which hold their primaries on the following week. Ron Paul may still play a role in some of the caucuses coming up. Santorum was leading in Ohio and Tennessee. So Mitt Romney has his work cut out for him, as he must fend off attacks from many directions in many places.