Tuesday, February 28 are the 2012 Arizona and Michigan Republican primaries. Right Pundits will cover the event with a Live Blog, providing exit poll data and primary results from Arizona and Michigan, as well as links to live feeds and live streaming video when available. Our coverage will begin at 7pm Eastern and carry on through the night. The latest polls show Mitt Romney with a double-digit lead over Rick Santorum in Arizona. But the Michigan primary is a closer toss-up, though Romney is beginning to bounce back after beating up Santorum during the last GOP debate.

arizona michigan primary results

As usual, Romney is outspending Santorum, airing plenty of negative attack ads, especially in Michigan. Even Ron Paul, who is barely in the single digits in either state, is spending money in Michigan to bludgeon Santorum, leading many to suspect that the rumors of an alliance between Paul and Romney may be true. But even with the endorsement of Governor Rick Snyder, a Progressive-Liberal Republican like Romney, Mitt is having a hard time in his birth state of Michigan.

Much of this is due to statements and an editorial Romney has made in the past criticizing the bailout of General Motors and Chrysler. Barack Obama′s Super-PAC has even jumped in the game and is running a negative ad featuring Romney saying ″Let them go bankrupt…bankrupt…bankrupt.″ Mitt, himself, is stumbling, too, from his own silliness. In recent speeches, he has talked about how he likes Michigan, how the trees are ″the right height″. On Friday, he held his big economic speech at the Ford Field football stadium, which seats over 65,000 people. Romney looked small and puny as only 1,200 supporters showed up to hear him talk about the trees again and how his wife drives a couple of Cadillacs.

So join Right Pundits on Tuesday, February 28 as we cover the 2012 Arizona and Michigan Republican primaries. Our Live Blog will provide continuous exit poll data and primary results from Arizona and Michigan, as well as links to live feeds for streaming video. We will follow every step of the battle between GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in these two critical states starting at 7pm Eastern. To participate, just click on the Cover-It-Live box below. Right Pundits is THE place to follow politics!