Last week militant Muslims in Afghanistan went wild over an incident by U.S. official, an action officials said was meant to preserve security. A bunch of books, papers, and tracts — among the pile some Korans — were burned because authorities found that they contained coded messages passing intelligence inside facilities used to detain prisoners.

Naturally, followers of the religion of peace erupted once again in faux outrage over the perceived sleight to their precious religion and began rioting. Just as naturally these fools were egged on by our enemies in the region, the Taliban.

The real outrage, though is that several Americans have now been killed because of this burning. Thus far two Americans have been killed and more injured by these “peaceful” Muslims.

Sadly — and “naturally” for a third time — President Obama slipped into his cherished role as apologizer-in-chief and slobbered all over himself in abject apology to all of Islam for the burning by U.S. officials in Afghanistan.

Obama’s kowtowing to murderers is not finding favor among the Republicans running to unseat him in November.

Rick Santorum, for instance, has said that Obama should not have apologized for the burning and Mitt Romney has said that this incident highlights the “enormous errors” in Obama’s policies in Afghanistan.

For his part, Newt Gingrich said that Barack Obama should demand Afghan President Hamid Karzai an apology for the murder of the two Americans by an Afghan who cited the burning as his reason for committing the murders.

“President Obama surrendered twice today,” Gingrich said at an event for the Burlingame California Republican Party 2012 Spring Convention. “I haven’t seen the President demand that the Government of Afghanistan apologize for the killing of two young Americans,” he said.

Of interest is the fact that it is accepted Muslim custom to dispose of a Koran by burning it. So, in essence, while the U.S. military wasn’t necessarily instituting a religious action, it still satisfied Muslim custom even if by accident. Yet these scumbags still rioted!

It is plain that Islam is a plague on the civilized world.