The Wyoming State Legislature must be fans of the new NatGeo TV series, ′Doomsday Preppers′ as House Bill 85 works its way to a vote. The proposed legislation will cover ′continuity of government′ issues in the event of a collapse of the national government or economy. Provisions will include the creation of a state currency, guidelines for a military draft and even under what conditions must exist for Wyoming to purchase their own combat aircraft. An article by reporter Jeremy Pelzer of the Star Tribune details the potential law. So why is Wyoming looking into this? Are they insane or are there some genuine concerns?

Wyoming Doomsday

Oddly enough, the National Geographic network series, ′Doomsday Preppers′, may hold the answers. In each episode, the audience is introduced to 3 or 4 people or families that are engaged in the ′Prepping Lifestyle.′ While many have diverse reasons for preparing for the end of the world as we know it, every episode has at least one segment about those worried about hyper-inflation, an economic collapse and the civil unrest which would follow.

In Episode 3, one fellow, a New York City firefighter named Jason, is actually prepping for something closer to home for those in Wyoming. A catastrophic super-volcanic eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera. Geologists tell us that there have been at least three eruptions over the past 2 million years, with the last one some 640,000 years ago. So we are due, one of these days. Such an event could blast some 500 square miles worth of soil and rock into the atmosphere, creating a dense cloud of ash which would blanket much of the United States downwind from Wyoming.

Now, according to the experts, the probability of the Yellowstone Caldera erupting in a massive explosion is about 0.0004% each year. The odds of an economic meltdown and collapse of the United States government is much higher, but some economists disagree. Apparently, they are the ones who were sick when the collapse of the Weimar Republic was being taught, if it even was taught in the posh, Elitist schools of the White-Shoe-Club. Those being Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. Such economists also apparently are unconcerned with our $15.4 Trillion dollar National Debt, poised to exceed $16.4 Trillion before the November elections, and now already larger than our Gross Domestic Product.

Indeed, a new study shows that on a per capita basis, the average American already owes far more money as a liability to our National Debt than the citizens of Greece. The Greek Debt Crisis exceeds their GDP by about 150%, but on a per capita basis, the average Greek is only in the rears to the tune of about $38,937 to each man, woman and child, while we Americans lead the way at $44,215 each. According to the study done by the US Senate Budget Committee, the Barack Obama budget for 2013 would raise this to $75,000 per person by 2022 when the National Debt is expected to pass the $25 Trillion dollar mark and exceed the GDP by 150%.

So is Wyoming crazy for considering its Doomsday Preppers legislation, House Bill 85? Have they been watching too much of the NatGeo TV series ′Doomsday Preppers′ and are growing scared that our economy and national government may collapse soon? Should they be more concerned about what to do if the Yellowstone Caldera explodes, sending a large part of the state into low Earth orbit? The clock is ticking, either way, for these and other potential catastrophes.

America debt load