This week′s book review is of Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste by Bart DePalma, published by B-Squared Press, LLC. If you only have room in your abode, or survival ′go-bag′, for one book about the origins of the housing-financial crisis and the role Barack Obama played in it, then this is THE book! No anti-Obama library is complete without this fascinating review of the history and the true facts behind Barack Obama and all of his friends, associates and inspirations. DePalma takes us from the early days of the SDS, through the intellectual babble from folks like Andre Gorz, Saul Alinsky, Peter Dreier, Cloward and Piven. From the intimidation tactics against banks by ACORN through the federal government′s monster of the Community Reinvestment Act. It all adds up to demonstrate why Barack Obama is indeed a Socialist.

book review never let crisis

The book covers a lot of ground, including the Wall Street bailouts, the nationalization of the banks and automobile industry and Obama′s abuse of the White House czar positions. Whether its ′Car Czar′ Ron Bloom or ′Green Jobs Czar′ Van Jones, Bart DePalma gives us a front row seat at the table as Barack Obama transforms America into a Socialist Wonderland. The mission of the Progressive-Socialist movement, forcing the United States into such deep financial ruin in order to destroy the Constitution and Capitalism, is all covered in glorious black and white.

Bart DePalma does offer us a shred of hope, the rise of the Tea Party movement, as a counter-force against this Red Tide of Mediocrity. Can the faithful turn back the forces of evil and unify the nation by unseating the Elites from power? Unfortunately, that outcome has yet to be determined. All in all, I enjoyed the book very much. My only criticism is that DePalma largely ignored the role played by George Romney as HUD Secretary under Nixon in starting this whole business of the government forcing banks to issue home mortgages that were bound to go bust. But then, this is a book about the Socialism of Barack Obama. Perhaps if Mitt Romney becomes president and continues the Progressive plot as his father would have wanted, DePalma will be inspired to write another book on that?

So I hope you find this book review of Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste by Bart DePalma useful. Published by B-Squared Publishing LLC, it is available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold. While I did not go into the details of why Barack Obama is a Socialist, there are just too many, many of us are already familiar with the true story behind the housing and financial collapse of 2008. So we will find this book very supportive in our never-ending arguments against those still in denial. If you have friends or family members who qualify as still being in denial about Obama being a Socialist, then by all means buy a copy of this book for them. They may one day thank you for enlightening them to the Truth!