Ever since the Citizens United decision by the United States Supreme Court, which led to the development of SuperPacs, the Obama administration has bemoaned the ability of a few wealthy individuals to dominate campaign funding. Then, during this campaign season, we have all heard the horror stories emanating from the media about the few individuals who are providing the lion’s share of funding for each of the Republican candidates. Well, yesterday, Bill Maher, at a fundraiser for President Obama, presented his Super Pac, Priorities USA Action, with a check for $1 million, according to a story today in the Hollywood Reporter.

During a performance of StupidCrazyPolitics in San Jose, California, Maher climbed on stage and provided the check to the Super Pac. Until now, the organization had only raised $4.5 million, which means that, if true, Maher single-handedly has provided nearly 20% of the donations to the group. My guess is that there will be much less media attention paid to this than has been given to those who are supporting the GOP candidates.

A video of the presentation is here: