There has been a lot of buzz this week about a possible Ron Paul, Mitt Romney conspiracy theory. That they are working together to destroy the two remaining Conservative candidates, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Paul and Romney went after Gingrich in Iowa and now they appear to be coordinating their attacks against Santorum in Michigan. Ron Paul, who has not even campaigning in the Great Lake State, has bought considerable air time for a new TV ad calling Santorum a fake. Rumors are floating that Romney may have promised Paul some position already in his possible administration. One story coming out of the UK of all places is that Romney might select son Rand Paul to be his Vice Presidential running mate. Rand Paul has even gone on the record this week saying that he would be honored to run with Romney.

ron paul mitt romney conspiracy

Nobody expects Ron Paul to win the GOP presidential nomination. Even he himself has said as much. So why is Paul running? He claims that he is building a movement. Given his age I suspect that he could mean a bowel movement. But if he thinks he is promoting the cause of the Libertarian movement, well, then Ron Paul himself is a fake, too!

MSNBC host, Lawrence O′Donnell blasted Ron Paul last night for his anti-abortion, anti-birth control comments during Wednesday night′s GOP debate. Larry-O called Paul a fake Libertarian since one of the fundamental positions of the party is that government should have nothing to do with anything mutually consenting adults engage in. That includes sex. But Ron Paul said Wednesday night that the government has a role in stopping immoral behavior. Immoral to whom?

Is Ron Paul really just a shill for the GOP Establishment to siphon off and placate the 10% or so of Libertarian-minded Republican voters? Just think where Mike Huckabee might be today had Ron Paul not been in the 2008 race as long as he was? There could very well be a Ron Paul, Mitt Romney conspiracy theory at work here. If he were out of the race, some of his support would undoubtedly wind up backing either Santorum or Gingrich. In any case, one would think that Mr. Small Government would be opposed to Mitt Romney more than any of the other candidates and focus his negative TV ads against Romney. Whether Ron or Rand Paul wind up as Mitt′s Vice Presidential running mate is a bit of a stretch. But clearly, there is something going on between these two.