In Wednesday’s Arizona debate, Mitt Romney attacked Rick Santorum for endorsing Arlen Specter for re-election as Pennsylvania Senator in 2004 when faced with a challenge by Pat Toomey. As expected, the media has picked up on this theme in a last-ditch effort to enhance Romney’s efforts in next week’s primaries in Michigan and Arizona. So, this morning, on Daily Rundown, one of the guests interviewed was ‘Snarlin’Arlen” Specter.

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Arlen Specter, who taught Joe Lieberman everything he knows about political loyalty (to anything in America), proved today that, although no longer serving in political office, he maintains the lizard-like attitude that aroused so much animosity among Pennsylvania constituents of both parties during his tenure. As we recall, Santorum claimed that his support for Specter was contingent upon Specter promising to support President Bush’s Supreme Court nominees as Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Questioned by Chuck Todd today, Specter responded that, ““That is flatly not true. We never had any such conversation. It would be improper to make a commitment on the vote before I knew who the nominee was and I knew whether the nominee was qualified.” He then admitted that he had made an agreement that he would not place a litmus test on abortion, but alleged that he did this after the election. He did not elaborate on why he would agree to this after the election, but not prior to it, when he needed the support of both Santorum and Bush to win the primary fight.

Although he supported Santorum for Senate, he claims now that he is unable to support him for the presidential nomination as he is to ‘far to the right’, especially on the issues of abortion and gay rights. Maybe my memory is failing, but I don’t recall Santorum switching his views on either of these two subjects during the recent campaign.

If Specter is asking people to decide on who is telling the truth between himself and Santorum, I’m guessing that outside of the beltway media, this isn’t a very tough call. I don’t remember anyone ever claiming that Specter was a particularly non-venal politician. He switched political parties a number of times, and admitted that he did so in order to help him win election, rather than out of some core belief system. What an awful man he is.

Here is the video. You might want to have some antacid nearby when you watch it:

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