Franklin Graham, son of Reverend Billy Graham, was on MSNBC′s ″Morning Schmoe″ and accused Barack Obama of having policies that favor Muslims. He then refused to credit Obama as possibly being a Christian. But do not panic, Barack, because Franklin Graham also was ambiguous about Mitt Romney being a Christian, too! Graham did concede that both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are most certainly Christians. Good thing, too, that he cleared that up since the big headline on Drudge Report today was about Santorum warning back in 2008 that Satan has his sights on the United States.

franklin graham obama muslim

So once again we have another day of another bozo going on MSNBC making another goofball statement about Obama and religion. Santorum is not making the situation any better as he continues to raise issues about Obama′s faith, bringing up good old Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The gift that keeps giving. But before you start counting those chickens as they come home to roost, Santorum′s poll numbers are beginning to slip a bit in the battleground state of Michigan.

Franklin Graham raised several points concerning how the Obama administration appears to be favoring Muslims around the world. America′s strained ties with Israel. Our not supporting Hosni Mubarak and allowing radical Islamic factions to seize control of Egypt. How Obama has not condemned the slaughter and oppression of Christians in many Muslim nations. Of course, he just had to bring up certain aspects of Islamic law concerning sons of Muslim fathers automatically being considered Muslims.

Needless to say, the hosts on MSNBC had a field day with all of this material. Once again Republicans and Conservatives are painted to be far-out fringe lunatics obsesses with Obama and his religion. Never mind that gasoline prices are the highest ever for February or that a new Gallup survey released today shows that the national unemployment rate is above 9%, not the phony 8.3% the Obama administration likes to taut.

So Franklin Graham has served his purpose in for the Far-Left Media machine to keep religion and social issues on the front burner for yet another day. He all but said that Barack Obama is a Muslim by default if nothing else. That his policies appear to favor Muslims over Christians. I suppose some might question Obama being a Muslim as his wife seems to rule the roost over him. Do Muslim men allow their women to hen-peck them as much as Michelle Obama does to Barack? Perhaps Franklin Graham will question Obama′s manhood during his next appearance on MSNBC? Maybe he can get together with Rick Santorum and warn about Satan attacking America?