Ah, it’s the silly season, ya know? That time of year when political criminals and thugs go out to steal the yard signs of other candidates is here. Of course, now-a-days we have bloggers with video cameras and getting away with steal yard signs without being noticed is not as easy as it used to be.

This time we get a report from Michigan where Mitt Romney was soon to appear in Shelby Township. Team Rick had already gotten to the site and had put up hundreds of Santorum signs up across the street from the venue at which Romney was to speak.

Well, Romney’s operatives wouldn’t have that. Just prior to Romney’s slotted time to speak, his operatives crossed the street and stole Santorum’s signs — a crime in most jurisdictions.

But Rebelpundit was there and took this video… (warning foul language from Romneyites is heard)

Rebelpundit identifies some of the Romney operatives at his post, so I won’t go into that here. But suffice to say it is illegal to steal away someone else’s signs and then throw them out like team Romney did here.

Of course, we all know that these sort of shenanigans have gone on since yard signs were invented by the first candidate who found his opponent stealing them! Let’s not be “shocked” that it is happening, to be sure. But, it is still worth noting when it happens and who is responsible for it. It tends to show what sort of candidate we are dealing with because, common as it is, not all candidates do this sort of thing.

So, what we have learned here is something that fits Mitt’s do anything to win mentality. Mitt Romney will break laws, lie through his teeth, flip flop on a dime, and turn a blind eye to his people doing the same just to win an election.

If he is the GOP nominee in November, I’ll vote for him with much disgust simply because Barack Obama is far, far worse. But I’ll work as hard as I can to defeat Romney before we get to that hateful situation.