While speaking in Cummings, Georgia, GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum made a comment that have many in the Far-Left claiming that Santorum called Barack Obama another Adolph Hitler. As Santorum spoke about America′s reluctance to enter World War Two and said the following. ″Yeah, he′s not, I mean, he′s a nice guy I mean, it won′t be as near as bad as we think. I mean, you know, this will be OK. I mean, you know, yeah, maybe he′s not the best guy. After a while you found out some things about this guy over in Europe, but he′s not so good of a guy after all.″ How anyone can make any sense out of that dribble is beyond me! But then this followed a remark made several days ago in Ohio where Santorum said the Obama agenda was based on a ″phony theology.″ On Monday, Santorum aide Alice Stewart tried to explain that comment to MSNBC′s Andrea Mitchell, saying the phony theology was that of radical environmentalism, but then misspoke in the next sentence saying ″radical Islamic policies the president has.″

santorum obama hitler

First, after last week′s debacle on Mitchell′s show by Foster Friess and his aspirin joke, you would think that the Santorum campaign would just stay the heck away from Andrea Mitchell for a while! There is no love to be found at all anywhere on MSNBC for any Republican candidate. This was even more evident yesterday as nearly every program on the Progressive network attacked Santorum for his Obama-Hitler remark. Ed Schultz demands that Santorum name names as to who he was referring to if not Obama?

Next, Santorum really needs to get back on economic messages. Newt Gingrich has been scoring points as if he were Jeremy Lin arguing about how his energy plan would bring gasoline prices down to $2.50 a gallon if not lower. With oil prices rising rapidly the past week as tensions in the Middle East rise, many analysts are predicting $5 a gallon gasoline by summer. Something Obama may like for his Socialist agenda, but not for his reelection.

Even Ron Paul is getting weary of the latest bru-hah-hah over social issues like contraceptive and religion. I suppose we′ll next see Santorum defending Bill O′Reilly′s anti-marijuana schtick over the Whitney Houston death. Though far more people die and suffer from addictions to alcohol and prescription drugs, both of which were allegedly found at the scene of Houston′s demise.

Rick Santorum speech in Georgia was convoluted at best, and incoherent at worst. ″You know, I mean, he′s a nice guy, you know. I mean, yeah, you know.″ Come on, give me a break! I do not know if Santorum really was trying to call Barack Obama another Adolph Hitler. At this point, I′m not quite sure what point Santorum was attempting to make? As to his aid, Alice Stewart, misspeaking radical environmentalism for radical Islamic policies, that was clearly an unfortunate slip of the tongue. That it happened on MSNBC with Andrea Mitchell shows more evidence of how badly the Santorum campaign is organized. They need to stay away from that network till after Super Tuesday. This latest flap has made me change my decision and this morning I cast my absentee ballot vote for Newt Gingrich in the Michigan primary. Yes, I know he′s not going to win. But at least I can look myself in the mirror and be proud of my action, for a change! LOL!