Rick Santorum threw plenty of red meat to a Tea Party audience in Columbus, Ohio yesterday. He attacked Barack Obama and his policies, saying that the values behind the Obama agenda were ″not a theology based on the Bible″, but instead on a ″phony theology.″ But Rick did not limit his tongue of fire to just going after Obama′s culture war on American religious rights. In the Santorum vs Romney battle, Rick attacked Mitt over the 2002 Olympics, which Romney claims to have saved. Santorum described how Romney got a bailout from Congress, obtaining tens of millions of taxpayer dollars through an earmark. The same sort of earmarks that Romney is trying to use against Santorum in negative ads in Michigan. Meanwhile, Santorum also got some help this week at the 2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show where a group known as Dogs Against Romney came out in force to protest against Mitt Romney. Signs bearing pictures of dogs declaring ″I Ride Inside″ and ″Mitt Is Mean″ taunted Romney′s treatment of his family′s pet Irish setter, Seamus, who Mitt tied to the roof of his car for a twelve-hour drive to a vacation cottage in Ontario, Canada.

santorum vs romney

The battle between Romney and Santorum is changing the nature of the 2012 presidential elections. Even Barack Obama is starting to take notice as his reelection team begins to revise their strategy. All along, they thought they would be facing Romney in the general election this November. Which explains why Obama has been preaching class warfare since last September, taking advantage of the work done by the Occupy Wall Street movement in stirring up resentment against the wealthy, such as Mitt Romney.

The rise in the polls by Rick Santorum shows that the Romney campaign is in trouble. After winning in Florida by carpet-bombing Newt Gingrich with some 13,000 negative TV ads, to which Gingrich could only air 200 in response, Mitt Romney was confident that he had the primary race all sewn up. He largely ignored Santorum during the next series of caucuses. But after Santorum swept the field winning all three contests two Tuesdays ago, the game has changed. Now, Santorum leads Romney in Mitt′s birth state of Michigan, which had been considered an easy win for Romney.

There is no doubt that Rick Santorum is on a roll, bashing both his GOP opponent, Mitt Romney, over his obtaining a taxpayer bailout earmark for the 2002 Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as Barack Obama. Santorum said the Obama policies were based on values ″not a theology based on the Bible″ but on a ″phony theology.″ Once again, Obama′s religious beliefs are being questioned, particularly after his most recent assault against the Catholic Church over paying for their employees to have access to contraceptives. The Culture War that Obama is stirring up is not unlike the Class Warfare he has been promoting for the past several months. Barack Obama is dividing the nation using the most base of tactics. Can Rick Santorum restore the nation′s goodwill with his devout Catholic principles?