The hub-bub started Thursday when Foster Friess, a billionaire who is backing the Rick Santorum campaign, told an old joke about birth control to MSNBC′s Andrea Mitchell. He said that in the old days, contraceptives were cheap, that women would just place a Bayer aspirin between the knees. Mitchell was incensed by the attempt of humor and soon the whole Left-Wing Media went on the warpath over the joke. Santorum himself has had to face the gauntlet for the joke by his Super-PAC angel. Newt Gingrich also depends heavily on Super-PAC funding from a single billionaire, Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate, whom has given at least $10 million in the past and apparently is giving Newt another $10 million with Super Tuesday approaching.

The joke itself is old and lame. Obviously, the intent is to say that abstinence is the best birth control, since one must keep their knees together to hold a Bayer aspirin in place. That the Left-Wing Media is so outraged by this is also old and lame. Apparently they think it is better to murder human fetuses than practice responsibility.

Many people are starting to question the origin of the current ′flap′ over contraceptives. Early in January, the subject came up in a very odd question by ABC News host George Stephanopoulos during a GOP presidential debate. During the January 7 debate, Stephanopoulos asked Mitt Romney if he believed that states have the right to ban contraception? Romney, and the other candidates, appeared put off by the question. Romney answered that states can do many things which the federal government cannot such as banning contraceptives, but nobody is seriously considering that. One month later, we have the Barack Obama administration raising contraceptive usage into a national debate between religious freedom versus public health.

Some time ago, The Daily Caller reported about an online forum known as ′Journ-O-Lists′ where many prominent members of the Media exchanged and coordinated talking points with Obama staffers. A new series this week focuses on Media Matters For America, a Left-Wing hit squad funded largely by George Soros and run by David Brock, who also chairs a PAC called American Bridge 21st Century. According to emails obtained by The Daily Caller, Media Matters is targeting Fox News, even considering hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on both the network′s on-air personalities as well as production staff. American Bridge targets Republicans and Conservatives and does appear to be coordinating with the Obama White House.

Barack Obama will have a hard time getting reelected due to the sluggish economy. Recent numbers showing unemployment rates dropping are largely ′gun-decked′ by subtracting huge numbers of people as no longer part of the work force. The reality is that the economy is still very shaky and not helped at all by higher gasoline and food prices, nor by the massive federal debt which has grown over 40% in the past three years since Obama took office. So Obama needs to raise other issues that are more favorable to his cause, such as contraception.

The decision to try to make Catholic Church run schools and hospitals to pay for birth control for their employees by the Obama administration was designed specifically to serve as a smoke screen to steer attention away from economic issues. It had the added bonus, in the Progressive mindset of Obama, to push the envelop on assaulting the U.S. Constitution. Even the alleged compromise, of having health insurance companies pay for the birth control themselves, achieves this bonus, too. Obama would like nothing more than to be able to force private enterprises, and individuals, to bend to his will.

The Left-Wing Media outrage over Foster Friess, the billionaire friend of Rick Santorum, who told the birth control joke about women holding a Bayer aspirin between the knees, is as phony as Barack Obama. Andrea Mitchell set up Friess in order to create controversy and keep the contraceptive issue going. Attacking Friess for his joke is also a method to attempt to cut his funding of a Super-PAC for Santorum, just as Sheldon Adelson does for Newt Gingrich. Obama wants to run against Mitt Romney, since the White House sees him as the weakest Republican candidate. Plus, it keeps attention away from more important matters, like the economy and Iran building nuclear weapons.