I think we’ve had quite enough of a president who will literally say anything to get elected or win his way. We have that president already. We have a president who will shamelessly lie right to America’s face. So, why do we need the same sort of character only with a different party label? Apparently that is what we’ll get if we the people make Mitt Romney the president of the United States if his latest pile of BS against Rick Santorum’s recent TV ad is any indication.

On the Hannity show on Fox News, Mitt Romney called Santorum’s most recent TV ad, “the most negative ad I’ve seen, so far.” This is the single most idiotic statement about ads seen during this campaign.

There is more than one lie in these two paragraphs uttered by the center left former Massachusetts Governor, too!

“He was the first person in the campaign to run negative ads, attacking me. He did that through his campaign in South Carolina, his PAC also ran negative ads against me, and then he’s got the most negative ad I’ve seen, so far — the one attacking me for attacking him.

Look, it’s not something I’m going to whine about. I know there’s some candidates that want to whine about the fact that you go back-and-forth and talk about the distinctions between one another.”

First of all, Santorum was not the first person to run negative ads in this primary campaign. Heck, until recently he barely had enough cash to get to the next primary much less buy up TV time.

Secondly, the Santorum-sponsored ad in question is far from “the most negative” example of ads this cycle. It is rather more good natured and funny than any of the other ads from any of the other candidates. In fact, when it came out several commentators remarked on how it had a lite touch, a humorous aspect, and was a welcome departure from the heavy-handed ads from earlier in the campaign.

Then there is Mitt’s claim he won’t whine about it… uttered just after he whined about it.

One has to wonder why Mitt, who has constantly complained about the negative ads against him despite that he’s launched dozens against everyone else, never mentioned Rick’s supposed negative campaigning before if he’s felt that Rick’s ads have been so vile since way back in the campaign, eh? Naturally, we understand why Mitt is suddenly launching an all out attack on Santorum even though to date in the campaign Mitt has barely taken notice of Rick. It’s because Santorum has emerged as a credible opponent, one that is gaining traction against Romney.

But, this bit on Hannity tells far more abut Mitt Romney than it does Rick Santorum. It tells us that Mitt Romney is a liar. It tells us that Mitt Romney will simply say anything to win. Romney’s flip flops are legend, we all know, but were they a result of his just being a reed in the wind, the sort of person that has no ideology and just allows the political winds to knock him from idea to idea? Apparently, no. Take his abortion stance as Gov. of Mass., for instance. According to former Romney strategist Mike Murphy, Romney simply lied to the people of the Bay State in order to win election.

Is this what we want to elect?

Mitt Romney is simply unsuitable for any self-respecting Republican primary voter.

The Santorum-sponsored ad in question: