My book review this weekend is of Caine′s Pestilence, a new novel by John Bascom. The book is very funny, set in a crazy world with an equally crazy plot. The story is about John Gay Caine II, a mid-level manager type who lands a cushy job with a genetic research lab run by the federal government. Caine starts fooling around with genetic engineering in a lab he constructs in his basement and creates a highly infectious disease that not only inoculates and prevents the AIDS virus, but also eliminates ′irrational prejudices′, such as class envy and racism. This spells bad news for the crazy world John Bascom creates as a setting for his story. A world where Keith Olbermann heads the Fair Communications Commission, Al Franken is the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Nancy Pelosi is the President of the United States! AACK!!!

caines pestilence

This is why I say the book is very funny. Especially how Pelosi rises to become president. Basically, Barack Obama wins reelection in 2012 playing the ′blame-Congress′ game with such a wide margin that the Democrats regain control of the House and Pelosi is once again made Speaker. While returning from Europe, Obama′s plane vanishes off the radar screen over the Atlantic Ocean. But Joe Biden is not sworn in as president because there is no death certificate for Obama. See what I mean by funny? That John Bascom is a clever wit!

But fear not, Obama is not really dead, as Joe Biden finds out when Pelosi′s chief of staff heads an investigation and finds Biden guilty of an assassination plot. Biden, and later George W. Bush, wind up in Gitmo as ′high value prisoners′ along with Obama as the facility is taken over by a private company which has ties to Pelosi. Our hero, John Caine, also winds up in Gitmo convicted of domestic terrorism for engineering his beneficial bug.

This brings us to the whole crux of Bascom′s novel. No good deed goes unpunished. Since Caine′s Pestilence cures any genetic defects that causes an underclass, the entire Liberal-Progressive-Socialist-Democrat machine is threatened with extinction. If they are unable to divide and conquer with irrational prejudices, creating discord among people for ethnic, racial and economic reasons, the whole welfare state is placed in jeopardy. Thus, Caine is convicted and sentenced to death, even though under Pelosi′s new Constitutional amendment, the Fundamental Human Needs Amendment, makes capital punishment illegal, as well as making presidential reelection unnecessary amongst other changes.

America is completely turned upside down by Nancy Pelosi and her insanity. The economy is in the tank with unemployment above 20%. Canada and Mexico erect border fences themselves to keep unemployed Americans from streaming over as illegal immigrants. Rush Limbaugh has fled to a secret location in Canada to broadcast from, while Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck are locked up by Olbermann for bootlegging outlawed broadcasts.

So I hope you find my book review of Canie′s Pestilence, a novel by John Bascom from Canniche Cove Publishing enjoyable enough to run out and buy a copy. The story is very good and Bascom is hysterical as a writer. Will John Gay Caine II take that final walk to the gallows at Gitmo? Or will he get a chance to finish playing bridge with his fellow Gitmo inmates, George W. Bush, Joe Biden and an incognito Barack Obama, known only as ‘Barry’. Will they ever find Obama′s death certificate? Or even his birth certificate? Does he really exist at all? Will Nancy Pelosi get away with her coup d′etat? Read Caine′s Pestilence to find out! It is a page-turning laugh-fest!