CNN has decided the cancel the GOP presidential debate scheduled for March 1 in Georgia before Super-Tuesday. The decision came after Ron Paul and Mitt Romney declared that they will not attend the debate. The Rick Santorum campaign was also holding back a commitment to participate. Only Newt Gingrich, the King of Debates, was ready for some free television time. Which probably explains more why the other contenders to being the nominee for the Republican Party chose to cancel. The latest Republican polls show the race being between Romney and Santorum, with Gingrich and Paul falling further behind. Some would say that after 19 or 20 debates, can anything truly new be learned?

The next debate, also to be carried by CNN, will air next Wednesday, February 22 at 8pm from Mesa, Arizona. This debate may play a crucial role in the upcoming primaries in Michigan, where Santorum is ahead of Romney, a native born in Michigan, and in Arizona. Romney is expected to do well and easily win in Arizona thanks to support from Senator John McCain. But in Michigan, Romney is facing a tough sell.

Partly due to his opposition to the auto company bailouts and partly due to Mitt being Mitt. His many gaffes of recent weeks, such as ″I enjoy firing people″ and ″I′m not concerned about the poor″ have not played well in the Great Lakes State which was hit hard in the housing and financial crisis. Michigan got hit hard in the early 1970s and has been struggling to recover, needing new industries to replace lost automotive jobs. During an appearance in Michigan on Thursday, Mitt Romney fondly recalls his love of Michigan, citing how ″the trees are the right height.″ Huh? Right height for what?

This sort of bizarre language that Romney speaks, such as during the CPAC convention, calling himself a ″severely conservative governor″ lies at the heart of the Romney problem. Maybe people talk like that in Stepford to their fellow automatons, but ordinary, normal human beings are confounded by such peculiarities. Call it a lack of authenticity or just being disingenuous, Romney has had a problem of breaking the ice with living, breathing American voters. Add to that his many career flip-flops on issues and people wonder where he truly stands on issues, if he has any real stances at all? In a 2005 article in the National Review, Romney′s chief political adviser all but said that Romney pretended to be Progressive and Liberal to get elected in Massachusetts. How do we know he is not pretending now to be a Conservative?

So it may be just as well that the CNN debate before Super-Tuesday was canceled. Who wants to waste a couple of hours listening to more nonsense from Mitt Romney? Rick Santorum will probably beat him in Michigan according to the latest Republican polls, one of five states that Romney claims is a ′home state.′ Ron Paul and Romney backed out of doing the debate, most likely since they know that it only serves to give free television time to Santorum and Newt Gingrich. The Republican Party is also probably happy that there is one less debate, too. Personally, I wish they had canceled the one coming up next Wednesday, since it interferes with my watching ′Survivor′ on CBS. The March 1 debate would have been on Thursday night, and there is nothing good on that evening to watch, anyway.