Pat Buchanan and MSNBC have officially parted ways. After being suspended four months ago, Buchanan′s contract with MSNBC as a guest analyst has expired and will not be renewed. MSNBC originally suspended Pat due to his latest book, ″Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?″ The provocative title is backed up by even more provocative text as many inside MSNBC consider the book racist, homophobic and having all the bigotry of a White Supremacist. Buchanan claims that he has been blacklisted for his political views. In the past, Buchanan has been accused of antisemitism by the Anti-Defamation League for his comments about Israel and belief that America should not be funding them. Still, why MSNBC president Phil Griffin singles out Pat Buchanan while giving other bigots, like Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O′Donnell free reign, such as attacking Mitt Romney for being a Mormon, is a major question.

Buchanan is a rabble-rouser, there′s no doubt that. He says what he believes and holds nothing back. There is still a lot of angst within the Republican Party, as well as the Conservative movement, over his 1992 presidential run against George H.W. Bush. Indeed, he quickly earned the nickname of ′Pitchfork Pat′ for the trouble he was stirring up within the political establishment. So what is all the hub-bub about?

Chapter 4 in Buchanan′s new book is titled ″The End of White America.″ Needless to say, the provocative title and content of that chapter has caused a great deal of outrage in some circles. Overall, the book bemoans the pending tragedy America and the world faces as the United States continues to move away from the Western European, Judea-Christian traditions of the Founding Fathers. That the rise of secularism, of Progressive morality and the embrace of Eastern philosophies are weakening the nation. Buchanan is not the first person to argue or warn against this shift. But he does stand in the way of those who support America′s decline as a Super-Power, including Barack Hussein Obama.

This is probably why, more than any other reason, that Phil Griffin decided to cut Pat Buchanan loose from MSNBC. As we are learning from the Daily Caller articles about the war being waged against Conservative media by the White House through its surrogates such as Media Matters and MSNBC, the decks are being cleared of anyone who opposes the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012. Buchanan may be right in that there is a new blacklist that the Liberal Media may be using to silence any opposition to Obama. Despite what the Anti-Defamation League says, Pat Buchanan is not advocating antisemitism. He supports the concept of individual liberty. Something which is the base of all fears to the entire Progressive movement.