I’m trying here to figure out just what was political about this care package drive by a local Boy Scout troop: the fact the donation boxes were set up at polls, or that supporting the troops has now become political, or is it that anything the Boy Scouts do is political, or all of the above? My husband and I are both very active in Boy Scouts. He is an assistant Scout Master for my son’s Boy Scout troop and I am an Associate Advisor for my Daughter’s co-ed Venturing Crew. Some of the most dedicated hard working folks (many are liberals too!) that I have ever met are involved in scouting (I had the same experieince with Girl Scouting too, when I was the leader of a troop). Many of the adults stay on as volunteers for years after their own kids have moved on to college or even to being adult leaders themselves.

For the kids, they get an experience they could never get elsewhere. Since the youth run the meetings, plan and lead all activities and self regulate the troops (adults are advisory only), the leadersip skills they gain are invaluable. One rather rambuncious boy in my Crew this summer, after coming off the trail in the Adirondacks, exclaimed, “I never thought I could climb a mountain, now I know I can!” I swear he’s been a changed young man ever since.

Boy Scouts, in particular, have been taking a lot of political hits lately, primarily due to their stand on the admission of gays in the organization. Many liberals therefore, believe that the organization should have all funding cut off from United Way, that Boy Socut activities should be banned from all public buildings (the Philadelphia Boy Scouts have until the end of December to clear out of a city-owned building that they have occupied since the building was built in the 1920’s), and obviously, efforts to collect care packages for troops during election day has also been included.

The Boy Scouts are not political, the liberals attacking all the good work done by the organization is.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The city that’s home to Harvard and MIT solidified its nickname as “The People’s Republic of Cambridge” when it put a stop to a Boy Scout troop’s Election Day drive to collect care packages for American soldiers in Iraq, claiming it was “political.”

“We just wanted to make a lot of troops happy,? Scout Patrick O’Connor told the Boston Herald.

The big-hearted Scouts from Cambridge Troop 45 had placed donation boxes at the city’s 33 polling stations in hopes of collecting toiletries, magazines, candy and other items after one of O’Connor’s relatives was injured in an IED explosion while serving in Iraq.

But someone complained to the city, allegedly claiming the boxes were a “political statement,? and the boxes were removed.

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“I was devastated that someone would think to take (the donation boxes) out,? O’Connor told the newspaper.

“This was not about supporting the war or any politician or political view,” troop committee chairman Jamisean Patterson told the Herald. “This was supporting the brave men and women who are stationed overseas.?

Patterson said the Scouts obtained a verbal OK from the city election commission and polling station officials.

Cambridge Vice Mayor Timothy J. Toomey Jr. told the Herald that a breakdown in communication, rather than malice, led to the boxes being removed.

“Boy Scouts Troop 45’s efforts to support our troops are a benefit for the entire community, and the council will be working with them to ensure that their goals are fully realized,? he said in a written statement.

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