Wednesday night the House of Commons in Canada′s parliament voted to end a long gun registry program. The law required all rifles and shotguns to be registered with authorities, namely the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The vote in Ottawa passed 159 to 130 is seen as a major victory for firearms owners. The bill passed in the gun registry vote ends a 17-year program that collected data from millions of law-abiding Canadian citizens. Part of the legislation includes that the data gathered be destroyed. Already gun-control advocates in Canada are planning to appeal the new law in the courts and try to delay the destruction of the confidential data accumulated by the government.

canada long gun registry

The bill still has to pass through the Senate, but is expected to do so with little trouble. Once again we are seeing that Canada, compared to an America under Barack Obama, is becoming the shining beacon of light in the cause of human liberty. Canada is trying to scale back and cope with the runaway costs of their single-payer national healthcare system. A system so bad that patients with cash routinely flee to the U.S. to seek medical treatment.

Canada is also the place to be if you are a budding Capitalist. Their banking system is far more sounder than ours, as is their currency. Canada faced its budget deficit crisis decades ago and bit the bullet to prevent defaulting on their bonds and going bankrupt as a nation. During the global economic meltdown in 2008, Canada fared very well, with no banks or financial institutions failing.

Canada still has many issues to deal with. Their flirtation with Socialism still has many laws on their books regarding free speech and suppressing other essential liberties. But at least we have a role model for a nation that is turning around and reversing these national ills.

Owners of firearms in Canada are one step closer today thanks to a bill passed last night which will end long gun registry in Canada. The House of Commons in Ottawa passed the measure 159 to 130. Once the Senate approves the bill, data gathered by the RCMP for the last 17 years will be destroyed by the government. Owners of rifles and shotguns will no longer have to register their firearms with authorities.