Apparently Obama’s war on religion is sending states scrambling to their state houses in order to head off this imperial president’s anti-Constitutional power grab. Ohio recently began seeking a religious freedom resolution and now Kansas is racing to put its religious liberty ideals into law. Others are sure to follow as Obama and his irreligious Democrat Party establishment are showing no signs of backing off the attack on Americans of religious convictions.

In fact, it is a pretty disgusting example of how anti-American that Democrats have become because at this point it is becoming a party-line vote neatly everywhere with Republicans coming out in favor of the American first principle of religious freedom while Democrats come out for oppressive, big government control over our personal beliefs and showing their desire to force religions to observe the liberal religion instead of their own consciences.

It isn’t just Obama trying to impose his extreme ideas on religious Americans everywhere. At this point his party all up and down the line is standing four square in favor of the idea that the King in the oval office should be able to tell religions what they must do, when they must do it, and how much they are going to pay Obama’s government in the doing.

Nancy Pelosi, for instance, reaffirmed her party’s feeling that government should control religions from Washington. And it all comes down to Obamacare.

You see, “healthcare” will encompass everything we as citizens do as far as liberals are concerned. And since Democrats want to take over our healthcare, why, they then feel they should be able to dictate what we eat, how we pray, who we associate with… in short, anything we do is in their purview as far as they are concerned.

This is why Obamacare is the final nail in the coffin of the United States of America. We allow Obamacare to stand and we’ve given away our soul. We give the far left its Obamacare and we give up our lives to Obama and his Constitution-hating, religion-smashing, big government-loving cohorts.

This is why we have to vote for any Republican for president. This is why we need to vote forany Republican for Senate and the House. I am with you that a large number of the candidates we are being offered by the GOP are not ideal. But Democrats are so much worse that if we allow them to get into office, then we have not just lost an election. We’ve lost our country.

Even bad Republicans will respond to our importunities to end Obamacare and return this country to greatness. Even bad Republicans give us a seat at the table and are open to some persuasion. Democrats, on the other hand, are completely sold to destroying this country. Sure with many Republicans we are just slowing the drive off the cliff, but slowing that drive is at least helpful and gives us the chance to throw out a few anchors.

We can worry about truing up our Republicans soon enough. But allowing Democrats to get into office will simply kill the United States of America. Kill it deader than a parrot nailed to a peach and pining for the fjords.