Iran is becoming more aggressive just as Barack Obama makes deep cuts in our defense budget. Two attacks directed at Israel embassy personnel this week in India and Georgia (Eastern Europe), as well as three bombings in Thailand yesterday. Also on Tuesday, Iran sent small attack boats to within 2 miles of the Abraham Lincoln carrier battle group as it steamed through the Strait of Hormuz. A US Navy helicopter dropped flares near the attack boats as a warning for them to withdraw. Today, Iran announces that it is just two steps away from being completely self-sufficient in producing nuclear fuel. Another indication that the Tehran government has no intentions of backing away from its nuclear ambitions. Iran also announced that it will consider suspending oil sales to six European nations which are participating in economic sanctions. This is helping to drive up oil prices today to over $101 a barrel.

obama defense budget

Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is moving to slash defense spending with the single largest reduction since the end of World War Two. The Obama administration is already involved in talks with the Taliban seeking a policy of appeasement in order to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Obama has already pulled the last US troops out of Iraq, which has seen a major spike in violence since.

If Iran were not enough of a problem, Syria and Egypt may soon be joining the watch list. Syria has been engaged in a civil war now for nearly a year as rebels clash with government forces. In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood has won a significant percentage in their Parliament, along with other fundamentalist Islamic political parties. Egypt has detained some 19 Americans, forcing them to hide in the US embassy, accusing them of being involved in causing a protest movement. Bahrain has also expelled 3 foreigners, including one American, for being involved in pro-democracy movements there.

Yes, thanks to Barack Obama, America is on the retreat throughout the Middle East and the World in general. Nations like Iran now feel that they have a free hand to cause trouble. Recent attacks against Israel by Iran at Israeli embassies in Georgia and India, as well as against targets in Thailand, show that Iran is becoming much more aggressive. They are even challenging our naval forces in the Strait of Hormuz, and threatening to stop oil sales to the West. The price of oil is climbing again, with $4 a gallon gasoline coming soon if not $5 a gallon. Obama does not care as he slashes defense spending in his new 2013 budget. Obama would rather buy condoms for school children to use than protect America′s borders or citizens.