An interview with Zakaria al-Sadah in The Sunday Times Osama bin Laden and his children very close. According to al-Sadah, a brother-in-law to bin Laden, the terrorist leader did not want his children to ′follow him down the road to jihad′ nor join Al Qaeda. In fact, Bin Laden wanted his children to be at peace with the West and live in the United States in order to get a good education. Bin Laden was killed last May during a raid by US Navy Seals in Pakistan.

bin laden and children

So, what are we to make of this? Was bin Laden a hypocrite? We know he was fascinated by the West, by American pop culture. Osama was even a big fan of Whitney Houston and talked about wanting to marry her. This line of speculation does raise a few questions.

For example, just how committed was he towards his jihad against the West? Was his Al Qaeda network really about bringing down America and her allies like Israel? Or was the whole thing really centered more on toppling the regime in Saudi Arabia? Did Osama bin Laden wage war against the United States to build up his ′street cred′ for becoming the ruler of Arabia?

If his brother-in-law, Zakaria al-Sadah is correct when he was interviewed by The Sunday Times, Osama bin Laden and his children were very close. Bin Laden wanted the best for them, including a good education in the United States. He did not want them to pursue a life of jihad with the West and instead desired that they live in peace. The Al Qaeda warlord is at peace now himself, after the US Navy Seals double-tapped him into the hereafter. Whatever the case, he′s resting with the fishes now and no trouble at all to us.