Barack Obama is sending his budget proposal for the fiscal year of 2013 to Congress today. Sadly, it is no different than the one he sent for 2012 last September, 2011. The fact that there has not been an actual budget for nearly three years now is just plain remarkable. A clear sign of the incompetence and lack of any seriousness by the Obama White House. The details of the new budget still use the same old trickery as last time, such as counting money not spent for the Iraq War, where we have already pulled our troops out of, as a spending cut. Obama fails to keep his promise from 2009 in reducing the budget deficit by 50% during his last year in office. The Obama 2013 budget only reduces the deficit from $1.5 Trillion to $1.3 Trillion dollars.

obama budget 2013

Just as in the case of Obama′s 2012 budget proposal, this one is going nowhere fast. It was never intended to be serious in the first place. Obama is just phoning in his responsibility. He simply does not care. The White House has made it quite clear that beyond extending the payroll tax holiday for the remainder of 2012, Obama has no intention of working with the Congress on anything else.

The Do-Nothing presidency of Barack Hussein Obama will continue to slide along now that we have entered the political campaigning season. We will get a lot of hot air from Obama as he cranks up the rhetoric. But there is nothing in the new budget that will do anything about curbing government spending nor dealing with our own Debt Crisis. Before the end of 2012, Obama will have to approach Congress yet again for another increase in the Debt Limit as we continue to spend more than the government takes in as revenue.

Every rational person knows that the real spending cuts must come from entitlement programs. Medicare and Medicaid are growing several times faster than the reported rate of inflation The nation′s GDP is not keeping pace with the needs to fund Social Security. All three programs, which account for roughly two-thirds of all Federal spending, are driving us into bankruptcy. Even a simple solution, like delaying eligibility for one year to those born after 1960 and two years for those born after 1970 would at least buy us more time and send a signal that we are serious about tackling our National Debt.

Instead, Obama keeps piling on more federal spending programs. Obama-Care will only add to the budget deficits as it begins to become more fully implemented. Between the current entitlement programs, along with increases in food stamps, public housing assistance and continuing to pay unemployment benefits for 99 weeks, about 51% of the nation′s households are now getting some government financial assistance. Which is exactly what Obama, the Democrats and like-minded Progressive Republicans want. A nation hooked on cash from Uncle Sugar. The politicians see this as their guarantee to being reelected.

There are no hard choices or decisions in the Barack Obama 2013 Budget. Not only is it pure fluff, but it is filled with tricks and gimmicks that still do not add up. The House will pass its own budget which Paul Ryan is working on. Then it will arrive at the Senate where Harry Reid will table it and allow it to wither and die. Just as he has done for the last three years. As thing stand now, they will be lucky to pass the payroll tax holiday extension for the rest of the year. But the new Obama budget is no different than the one he proposed last September which went nowhere.