For months, Callista Gingrich has silently stood next to her husband while he campaigned for the Republican presidential nomination. Now, with his campaign floundering, she has been called upon to take a more vociferous role. Yesterday, at CPAC, she introduced Newt and described qualities about him to the conservative group. A brief video showing part of her introductory speech follows.

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She told the audience that, “Newt loves books. We have books in every corner of our home. Newt also has an entire library on his Kindle. I may be the most grateful person in America for this invention.” Newt reads. Got it. We may think that this is worthy of mention, I guess, but that may say more about us than about her husband.

She followed this by discussing what a supportive mate he has been to her. “When I sing at the Basilica of the National Shrine or play my French horn with the City of Fairfax Band, he is right there listening.” Now this is news. I’m betting that if a focus group of women was conducted, and they were asked to name some of Newt’s positive qualities, supportive husband wouldn’t be among the first few things that were mentioned. But she may have a different perspective on his nurturing nature than do some other folks.

She also discussed his determination when he plays golf. She mentioned how he relishes always getting in and out of trouble. The mind boggles. This apparently was intended to allude to his ability to deal with the vicissitudes of golf and of politics, to show that Newt may be down but he’s certainly not out of the campaign. Well, he may be not out yet, but it seems to be only a matter of time. He got clobbered in the primaries and caucuses this week; Maine looks to continue this trend. His main supporter, Sheldon Adelson, whose family has provided Newt’s Super Pac with $11 million, has decided to shut off the spigot. It’s sort of hard to believe that anyone can believe that he can now continue as the conservative alternative to Romney, especially now with Rick Santorum riding high in the polls.

Newt’s campaign was always destined to fail. His coterie of supporters has always been limited to those who are addicted to talk radio and whose televisions only get one cable channel. In the general election, he would get clobbered, the same as if Rushie would run. People don’t generally vote for the mean-spirited candidate when choosing a President. And nobody is more mean-spirited than Newt.