When I first wrote about how Barack Obama intended to back down yesterday from the contraceptive issue that would have forced Catholic schools and hospitals to pay for birth control provided to their employees, Obama had yet to speak on the matter. Initial reports were that he was going to cave in and compromise, adopting a third party method which some states, like Hawaii, are doing. But instead, Obama is merely passing on the cost to the insurance companies, which means that premiums will rise for all. So basically, we have gone from the Obama administration trying to violate the Constitution by forcing religious institutions to act against their own particular beliefs to violating the Constitution by forcing private enterprises to act against their own self-interests. Neither of these positions are anything new for the agenda of tyranny that is Barack Obama.

barack obama tyranny

This week was especially rich in the agenda of tyranny, as the Obama administration also unveiled a deal made through the Department of In-Justice on the case of home mortgages. The initial spin is that several large banks will be forced to pay out some $25 billion dollars to about two million Americans home owners who are either in foreclosure or whom have been foreclosed upon already. Actually, the banks are only going to pay about $7 billion, which they will make up in higher fees, and the bulk of the money will come from investment firms whom primarily manage retirement funds. So your 401K will be a tad light this year to pay for the Obama settlement.

As usual with Obama, when he says there is no cost to his plans for relief and justice he is sadly mistaken, or more likely misleading. Oh heck, I′ll just say it loud and clear, HE′S LYING! This is why I simply cannot listen to him anymore. Everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. If he cannot raise your taxes to pay for give-aways and freebies to buy reelection votes, he tries to force others to pay for such. The U.S. Constitution means nothing to him other than a road block which obstructs his ability to rule by decree.

So Barack Obama and his agenda of tyranny continues to move forward. Just when one would think that he might cool it a bit during an election year, one where his own reelection is at stake and requiring him to act more as a ′Moderate′, Obama just keeps on trampling the Constitution. If he′s not busy attacking religion, like the assaulting the Cathloic Church over paying for Obama-Care birth control and contraceptives, he′s going after private health insurance companies. Obama wants them destroyed, anyway, so he can transform Obama-Care into a single-payer, totally government-run entitlement program. The home mortgage-foreclosure settlement this past week is another example of him exercising tyranny, forcing customers of banks and 401K holders to pay for a bailout which will benefit Obama′s old pals in ACORN and their newer reincarnations. Same old Obama. Same old tyranny.