Of course I will be accused of being biased, but Newt Gingrich really did wow the crowd at CPAC today. He began going anti-Establishment, pointing out examples from the past 50 years of GOP politics where the Inside-The-Beltway and Wall Street bunch opposed the principles and ideals of the Conservative grassroots of the Republican Party. He then launched into a concise, focused messaged laying out his plans for restoring the American economy and getting the federal government off the backs of the citizens. An enthusiastic audience cheered many times, giving Newt several standing ovations.

newt gingrich cpac

A lot of the speech we have heard from Gingrich before. How he plans to spend part of his first day in office, for example. Signing freshly passed bills repealing Obama-Care, Dodd-Frank and Sarbanes-Oxley. Signing executive orders eliminating all White House czars, approving the Keystone XL pipeline, moving the U.S. embassy for Israel to Jerusalem and countermanding all of Obama′s anti-religion regulations. Newt shifted then into the big job ahead, reforming the tax code, dismantling agencies like the EPA, auditing the Fed, and slashing government spending by a variety of means.

Newt again spoke of wanting to be the ′Paycheck President′ as opposed to Obama being the ′Food-stamp President.′ He blasted away at the failings of the Obama administration, such as its anti-energy policy and naivety towards identifying foreign enemies. It was all good, red-meat served upon by the truckload. The crowd ate it all up as fast as he could dish it out. Newt even said he′ll have a serious look at putting us back on the Gold Standard!

On the political side, Newt Gingrich needed a good speech at CPAC to regroup and recharge his campaign. Since the South Carolina primaries, his fortunes have turned and in many polls now lies in third place after Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, both of who also gave speeches earlier today. I did not watch Romney′s speech, but I did catch Santorum′s. While he spoke of being bold, Santorum is anything but bold and exciting. The crowd did give him a very warm reception, but in contrast to Newt, Santprum′s speech was a tad flat. Almost subdued.

We′ll see if the CPAC speech helps Newt Gingrich move forward over the next weeks as Super Tuesday approaches on March 6. Will the grassroots of the Republican Party sign on to join the fight against the GOP Establishment? Will they do so under Rick Santorum′s banner? Since less than a third of the voting population even paying attention to the elections right now, anything is possible. We′ve a long way to go before the Republican convention in Tampa, and further still to November.