Starting on Memorial Day, no one in Los Angeles may throw a frisbee or a football on any county beaches. So say the County Board of Supervisors. At least not until Labor Day says spokeswoman Carol Baker when she was explaining the updated rules. Anyone on Los Angeles beaches found throwing a football or frisbee during that period will be subject to a $1,000 fine. Who would have thought that such a ban could happen along the shores of the Pacific Ocean? But there it is, our government protecting innocent bystanders from possible injury, depending how you define bystander.

los angeles frisbee football

I heard this first while listening to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon. Then later, the subject was a topic for discussion on ′The Five′ on the Fox News Channel. Even my favorite Progressive Liberal, Bob Beckel, was opposed to this new ordinance. Beckel′s concern was how it may effect his ability to meet women. Seems he has a friend who throws a football to him once he positions himself next to some sunbathing beach-bunny, so as to have an excuse to talk with her. Maybe in retrospect, this new law may not be such a bad idea?

So is this yet another Nanny-State law designed to modify our behavior? Or is it just a cheesy way for the cash-strapped county of Los Angeles to raise some revenue? Volleyball is still allowed, but I suppose there are designated areas to play that in. Another part of the new law will fine you if you dig a hole more than 18 inches deep on the beach. Presumably to save innocent bystanders who are walking and not paying attention where they step.

A very wise person I know was once asked what life might be like 100,000 years from now. He prognosticated that humans will evolve, probably more through designed engineering than by Nature, to achieve sustenance through photosynthesis. Since such humans will only require sunlight for nourishment, provided they also evolve some sort of root system to obtain needed minerals and such, their lives will be very uncomplicated. No need to work to earn a living. Just hang out at the beach all day and feast.

Those future humans might be able to feast on sunlight, but if the live in Los Angeles, no frisbee or football throwing will be allowed, I′m sure. Only by then the fine will be a trillion dollars instead of the $1,000 fine if you are caught on Los Angeles beaches throwing a football or frisbee between Memorial Day and Labor Day. No one likes the updated rules that L.A. County Board of Supervisors spokeswoman Carol Baker announced today. I wonder if First Lady Michelle Obama will become concerned about California slipping into the Pacific Ocean as surfer girls and guys grow obese from not throwing frisbees or footballs?