Calling all Tea Party and 9/12 Project members, as well as Conservative movement in general. Time to take a ′gut-check′ as to what we need to do this year election-wise. The low turn out in some Republican primaries appears to indicate dissatisfaction with the GOP nominating Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate. Many, including myself, do not really see the guy who gave America Romney-Care as the best option for repealing Obama-Care. So here are a few thoughts for us to consider between now and November. Our focus needs to be on winning the 2012 Senate races, plus maintaining, if not adding to our ranks in the House, much more than winning the White House. Politics is a battle of ideals and like any war, it is all about attrition.

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I like to think of this in terms of the U.S. Army Eight Air Force in World War Two. Yes, we have to fly 500 miles through German air defenses to attack those ball bearing factories in Schweinfurt. Yes, a whole lot of planes will get shot down in the process. Yes, a lot of our friends and comrades will suffer and be lost. But we still have to fly ′The Mission′ and put bombs on the target. If we do not do enough on our first try, the 2010 mid-term elections, then we have to go back and do it again. And the day after that and the day after that until that ball bearing factory is completely destroyed. To paraphrase RAF legend ′Bomber′ Harris, the Progressives started this war upon the Constitution, upon our freedoms and liberty, and now they′ll have to face ′The Whirlwind!′

First, forget about Barack Obama! Whether he gets reelected or not does not really matter. The man has no skills as either an executive nor as a legislator. Obama might be a good community organizer or Progressive-Liberal college professor, but even with large Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate, he barely got anything passed. Lyndon Johnson would have gotten a single-payer universal health care plan passed in about 2 weeks. It took Obama the better part of 2 years to get his nonsense passed. I know many people are fixated with removing Obama from office. I would like to see him defeated as well. But if we have a firm grip on the House and control the Senate, then Obama no longer matters. He′ll be a lame duck and worried more about his legacy than any Socialist agenda.

We know that America is in the fix it is in because of 100 years of steady, Progressive attrition wearing down the freedoms and liberty protected by the U.S. Constitution. We also know that restoring the Constitution will take decades. If we can reverse a century of bad laws and the massive entitlement bureaucracy inside of 20-30 years, we′ll be lucky. REALLY LUCKY! But this reality should not weaken our hearts, spirit nor our resolve!

I really do not care who you intend to vote for as president in 2012. If it is a choice between Romney and Obama, then you have to decide for yourself what you can stomach? For myself, if left with those two options, I′ll cast my vote for either the Libertarian or U.S. Taxpayer Party candidate. I do not care if people think I am wasting my vote or giving a back-door vote to Obama. I compromised in 2008 voting for McCain and frankly, it made me sick to my stomach. Never again!

Here in Michigan, I plan on voting for Pete Hoekstra to send Debbie Spend-It-Now packing her bags. She is just the most wretched, vile specimen of Progressive-Liberal thought there can be. She is my ball bearing factory in Schweinfurt. She, and her pal, Carl Levin, need to go! Removing those two from office would be a major victory for our side. This year, 23 Democrat Senate seats are up for grabs. We need to win as many as we can. Then it does not matter who sits in the White House. Obama, who can′t even get his own party to cooperate to pass a budget, won′t be able to do much of anything. If we have the Senate, then all of his appointments, including any to the Supreme Court, will be irrelevant. The only way we ever will stop or repeal Obama-Care is if we have the Senate.

So to my fellow lovers of liberty in the Tea Party, the 9/12 Project and to the Conservative movement in general, I say ″let every arm be steel″ in the words of Douglas MacArthur. Do not sit this election out. I know you′re not happy with the choices for president this year, but it is the 2012 Senate races that really matter. Don′t worry about Obama. As nice as it would be to have somebody in the White House who feels the same way about our U.S. Constitution as we do, this year we have a more important target to focus our attention on. We must win the U.S. Senate! That is an absolute truth! No getting around it, no cutting any corners. We must take back the Senate and try to add seats to our ranks in the House. I know we can do it! Man your planes, folks, we have a mission to fly!