Republican candidate Dave Hoekstra is in a bit of hot water over an ad his campaign aired in Michigan during the Super Bowl. As a result, lefties and race-pimps everywhere are lining up ranks deeps to get on TV to denounce the ad as “racist.”

It depicts a pretty young Chinese woman riding a bike down a lane, the backdrop of which looks like rice fields. The woman stops her bike before the camera and in a stereotypical sort of broken English the woman thanks “Debbie Spend-it-now” (for Hoekstra’s Democrat opponent, Debbie Stabenow) for helping China gain jobs at America’s expense.

“Debbie spend so much American money,” the Chinese woman says. “You borrow more and more, from us, your economy get very weak. Ours get very good.”

The Hoekstra campaign is

Naturally a race-baiter from the African American community had to get into the act saying that the ad is somehow “no different” than depicting a black guy speaking in “slave dialect.”

But there is criticism from the right, too. Jazz Shaw at HotAir says that this ad fails miserably to warn people for the real danger China portends for us.

“…the lazy stereotypes anesthetize viewers to the economic and military threats posed by China. If you want to make people worry about outsourcing, show them Chinese factories being built. If you want to make people worry about debt, show them the PLA in action, replete with graphics noting how much of its budget is covered by American taxpayers’ interest payments. This spot isn’t remotely equal to a serious task.”

Certainly a good point.

But, let’s face it: this is just the left being “outraged” for the sake of being outraged. The ad is a little silly and maybe it isn’t effective, but no one is really offended over this little thing. If they are they need to grow some thicker skin. No, what we are seeing here is the race-baiting left revving up their race machine in order to keep their place as race pimps secure.