Barack Obama, who was so quick to help out George Soros, big banks and big oil when their interests in Libya were threatened by revolution, has decided to pass on helping freedom fighters overthrow the dictatorship in Syria. Oh sure, we submitted a resolution to the United Nations Security Council, just as Obama did in the case of Libya, after another reported massacre of hundreds of civilians in the city on Homs. But since Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad has friends in Russia, China and Iran, the resolution went nowhere. Obama then went one step further saying that the situation can be resolved without the use of military forces. Oh really?

barack obama syria

Might not the same have been true in Libya? The number of people killed before the U.N. decided to allow NATO to intervene was a fraction of those in Syria. Even while there was a full-blown civil war in Libya, far more people were being killed in Syria. The slaughter of over 200 civilians this weekend in Homs by Syrian soldiers, equipped with Russian-made weapons and advised by Iranian officers is hard to ignore. So why is Obama ignoring the crisis there?

Obviously, since George Soros, the big banks, and big oil, have no interests in Syria, they are pulling the strings on Obama to do nothing. Nothing beyond the occasional speech or statement or now closing our embassy. High time, too, since we should get our own people out of there.

Meanwhile, the dead of Homs cry out for revenge, but Barack Obama is not listening. Not to the freedom fighters of Syria, anyway. Obama only listens to his puppet masters and obeys them when ordered. So we get the theater of the United Nations Security Council instead. The dictator, Bashar al-Assad will have a free hand to keep slaughtering his people. Oh, the shame of it all.