The Super Bowl commercial with Clint Eastwood for Chrysler is causing some buzz this morning. Some of the morning talk show pundits are debating whether or not the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl 44 ad supports the reelection of Barack Obama? Or whether it is a sublime message for electing a Republican to the White House? Watch the video below and judge for yourself. The commercial features Clint Eastwood talking about this being Half-Time in America. That while we may seem to be losing, there is still plenty of game and time for the country to stage a comeback and win.

clint eastwood super bowl commercial
Hollywood star Clint Eastwood appears in a Chrysler Super Bowl, ″Half-Time in America″, that is raising some questions. Image Credit: Brian To /

Frankly, I think Clint is just trying to help Chrysler sell automobiles. Nothing wrong with that! But I suppose when in taken in context with the pre-game interview between Obama and Matt Lauer, it is easy to see how some might interpret the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial has having some extra meaning. Especially since Chrysler was bailed out by Obama.

During the interview, Obama told Lauer that he deserves a second term in the White House. That while the economy is improving, there is still much to do. Obama wants another four years to continue his remedies for fixing the economy. It was during an interview three years ago when Obama said that if the economy was not better by now, that he would be a one-term president.

Optics are everything. I saw a graph on MSNBC this morning charting the unemployment rate during Obama′s past three years. The way it was structured showed a nice thick red line that was almost straight. As if there was no problem with the unemployment rate. Everything is just happy-slappy well within the status quo. Of course, we know better. But such images do impact the mind, leaving those half-awake with a favorable impression of Obama′s job performance.

The Super Bowl commercial with Clint Eastwood for Chrysler is about selling cars. The message about Half-Time in America, ready to take the field and win the game is a positive one. Whether some pundits can spin the Chrysler Super Bowl commercial into having a subliminal message favoring the reelection of Barack Obama is a test of how far one can stretch. I think the Clint Eastwood Super Bowl 44 ad is a good one for Chrysler and offers a positive message. That it will help Obama win reelection though, is beyond any rational form of reasoning.