Denny′s may have a bacon sundae, but Jack in the Box now is offering a bacon milkshake on its menu. Yes, another fast-food restaurant chain is expanding the possibilities with its new milkshake recipes as part of its Marry Bacon campaign. Those of us who watch the Food Network or its sister, the Cooking Channel, know that bacon ice cream is nothing new. Top Chef fans have seen such before. The question is, naturally, how will First Lady Michelle Obama and her food police react to this latest development?

bacon milkshake
Will First Lady Michelle Obama try a bacon milkshake from Jack in the Box? Image Credit: Carrie Devorah /

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Here is another cheap shot at Michelle Obama and her large posterior. Well, sorry, but you have to admit it did look extremely large when she appeared on Jay Leno′s show last week. Aside from that, it would seem that the decision this year not publicize the menu at the White House Super Bowl party could also be after the backlash of criticism over last year′s menu.

Michelle Obama likes to talk a good game about people, particularly children, eating healthy. Yet, she herself indulges in some seriously nasty food. Thanksgiving turkey soaked overnight in a salty brine to bring out the flavor. Kobe steak with all the trimmings. Her big visit to the Gulf Coast during the BP oil spill was highlighted with a stop at an ice cream parlor where she bought a triple-chocolate brownie sundae. Then there was last year′s Super Bowl party at the White House. A real ′man-cave′ menu of pizza, buffalo wings, baby-back ribs and nacho cheese chips and dips.

So a bacon milkshake from Jack in the Box and the Marry Bacon campaign would be right up her alley. Or Denny′s bacon sundae. We just know Michelle Obama is dying to try them. The First Lady should just drop the hypocrisy and give in to her inner desires. I′d wager that she could recite her own favorite milkshake recipes all day long. There is no shame in wanting bacon flavored ice cream or other foods wrapped and enhanced with the power of pork. Embrace the bacon and go for it!