Since we are between primaries and debates and since I discussed guns in my last piece here on the site, I thought I’d follow up with another gun rights story recently in the news that I’ve been meaning to get to. In this story an anti-gun group is warming up a boycott for Starbucks because the coffee chain allows customers in states where concealed carry is legal to patronize their shops while legally carrying their firearms.

The group, the National Gun Victim’s Action Council (NGAC), is unhappy that Starbucks doesn’t turn away such law-abiding customers and hopes that its boycott will force the national coffee chain to take action against gun owners.

NGAC’s statement reads in part:

Starbucks allowing guns to be carried in thousands of their stores significantly increases everyone’s risk of being a victim of gun violence. Open and conceal-and-carry are among the reasons there are 12,000 gun homicides each year in the U.S.”

NGAC correctly says that Starbucks has the right to deny to serve customers observing their legal Second Amendment rights — they do of course — but whether that is a wise policy or not is another question.

Past efforts to force Starbucks to change its policy on customers with guns have been unsuccessful simply because Starbucks has seen neither a fall in stock prices, nor a drop in business despite the gun banner’s best efforts. Since business is not being hurt in the least, Starbucks obviously sees no reason to change its policies.

It probably doesn’t help that NGAC’s main premise is simply untrue.

The NGAC further stated that Starbucks has the legal right to ban guns from their coffee shops but the company “clings to this policy that puts millions of Americans at risk every day and encourages the spread of guns being carried in public.”

Gosh darn a company that “clings” to lawful Constitutional rights! How dare they.

Of course, truth is a far different thing than the aforementioned statement from NGAC. There has been no such “risk” seen in states that have instituted concealed carry — or open for that matter. In fact, the number of murders is down nationwide. Do I assert cause and effect? No, but the point here is that NGAC is claiming that more guns “being carried in public” will ipso facto result in an ongoing blood bath in the streets.

It’s a bit hard to take NGAC seriously when its main point is an outright lie. Its claim isn’t an opinion that is just as valid as any. The facts prove the claim to be an outright lie. There are more citizens walking around with firearms on their persons than there has ever been in America today yet there is no corresponding rise in “blood in the streets,” as that hoary old liberal claim goes.

This new effort to bully Starbucks into observing an ideology few Americans any longer believe in will likely fail just like they did before. Just as it should.