What goes on in Nevada? As things stand early this morning, with only 45% of the votes tallied, Mitt Romney has won the 2012 Nevada caucus. Currently, he leads the pack of GOP presidential contenders with 43% of those votes which have been counted. Newt Gingrich is in second place, so far, with 26%, Ron Paul, we think, has 18% and Rick Santorum, maybe, has 12%. One would think that a state which is home to the gaming industry, where counting money and cards is a daily routine, could easily handle counting votes. Especially since voter turn out was considerably lower than the 44,000 who participated in the 2008 GOP caucus. The entire evening was less exciting than an old rerun of ″The Brak Show.″ At least Brak is amusing, Romney is not!

romney wins nevada caucus

Yes, ″The Brak Show″ is ten times more exciting, even as a rerun, than watching the 2012 Nevada caucus returns. Perhaps Mitt Romney should have come out and sang Brak′s favorite song about bologna sandwiches. That would have been a natural for Mitt, since he is full of bologna. But worse yet was the incompetent way the Nevada state GOP conducted this caucus.

Still, they did not have much material to work with, I suppose. Voter turn out was low again, just as in Florida, where Romney allegedly also won. Even the news media had trouble counting. At one point, MSNBC claimed that Romney was leading with only 37% of the vote. Where they came up with that number is a mystery? Perhaps the Area 51 caucus?

The best part of the evening, for me anyway, was the Newt Gingrich press conference. The former Speaker of the House began his ′positive′ message slamming away at Barack Obama, then quickly turned to slam away at Mitt Romney. Newt admitted that he knew he was not going to win in Nevada, where he reminded us all that the state has a large Mormon population. About 10% of the state belongs to the LDS Church and around 25% of the GOP caucus voters were Mormon. According to the entrance polls, they went for fellow Mormon Mitt Romney at a ate of about 90%.

Which brings me to another failure in counting, the morning crew of ″Fox and Friends″, whom claimed that if you factored out the Mormon vote, Romney would still have won. Actually, 90% of 25% of the total votes cast equals 22.5%. Subtract that from Mitt′s 43% and he would have finished in second place behind Newt and just barely beaten Dr. Ron Paul. So much for the math skills of TV journalists.

Maybe sometime later today, Clark County will get their act together and we may finally get a complete vote tally out of the 2012 Nevada caucus and see if Mitt Romney really won. Some GOP presidential candidates may be curious to learn how many delegates they won? Even though the Silver State only has 28 delegates for the Republican national convention this summer. I don′t know how much money the state wasted on this exercise in alleged democracy, but whatever the figure, it was too much. I wonder if any of the casinos have slot machines done in the theme of ″The Brak Show″? I can dream, can′t I?