America’s self-appointed nanny strikes again and this time he’s doing it in the middle of everyone’s Super Bowl fun. Michael “I’m rich so I know better than you” Bloomberg has used a few shekels from his billions to create a hectoring TV commercial to tell us all that our Second Amendment rights are dangerous and we should not be allowed to observe them. That ought to make chicken wings and beers spill to the floor all across the fruited plains, eh?

Doomberg’s ad will feature himself, fellow mayor of Boston Thomas Menino, a comfy couch, and a passel full of lies about guns to thrill and “enlighten” America about the evils of guns.

As Reuters notes, few American politicians are much interested in pushing gun banning these days. Once a staple of far left-wingers everywhere, the issue has fallen into disuse with the great success of gun supporters to rally the country to their side. Today, more Americans than ever view gun rights favorably and every state but one now has some sort of concealed carry law. Self-reported gun ownership is also higher than it has been since 1993. At this point most Democrats have given up on an issue that makes them unelectable.

Doomberg is under no such self-imposed restrictions, though. He is a billionaire and doesn’t have to worry about his political career being damaged by pushing something that few Americans really want.

His hate for one of the Founder’s most cherished principles, that of self-protection, has been a pet peeve since he bought the Mayor’s office in New York, too. He’s arrogantly sure of his premise that American’s owning guns is dangerous. Never mind that over 7 million Americans own handguns and never mind that the murder rate in every state that has concealed carry has seen no evidence of the blood in the streets that liberals warned about since the law passed. Heck, never mind the fact that murder in his own city has gone down over the last decade! Let’s not bother Nanny Doomberg with facts, shall we?

His anti-gun crusade isn’t the only example of nannyism he’s perpetrated, either. Among his other arrogant crusades he’s been a smoking Nazi and a trans-fat banner.

With his self-funded organization, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), Bloomberg has been desperate to take guns away from Americans. Thus far the millions he’s spent on the group has made little headway in a country that thinks his crusade is idiotic and un-American.

But that won’t stop Nanny Doomberg from putting a dampener on everyone’s Super Bowl!