With most of the polls showing Mitt Romney well ahead of the rest of the GOP contenders for today′s caucus in Nevada. Most of the rest of the February schedule favors the Romney campaign. Caucuses in Maine, Minnesota and Colorado, plus primaries in Michigan and Arizona all look like easy wins for Romney. The only state he may have trouble in is Missouri, which is a non-delegate beauty contest where Rick Santorum may have a shot since Gingrich is not on the ballot.

Romney Nevada

But as with all human enterprises, the Romney campaign is staffed by men, and women, who are far less than perfect. Just look at how this past week has gone since the Florida victory. Romney′s gaffe about ″not concerned about the very poor″ was countered by a move endorsing a nationwide increase to the minimum wage. A position that let major voices for the Conservative movement, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin, stunned and angry. Others, like Ann Coulter, have now plunged even deeper into their own form of philosophical treason, such as defending Romney Care as being as Conservative as Mom′s apple pie.

The GOP Establishment remains committed to Mitt Romney, what other choice do they have now? Its too late for another entry in the campaign and any talk about a brokered convention is just ridiculous. This is why I suggested a few days ago that the speech Newt Gingrich gave Tuesday night after losing in Florida seemed to be more of one vowing a third party, independent run. Romney succeeded in getting Newt mad, but just how wise was that? We′ll see how well Romney does in the only debate in February without the help of debate guru, Brett O′Donnell. If Gingrich has a good performance, Romney could find his campaign in very deep trouble as the Super Tuesday vote on March 6 takes place. Last night on Greta Van Susteren′s show, Newt basically laid out his strategy of hanging on until early April, when he believes he′ll have enough wins in Southern states to equal, if not pass Romney in the delegate count.