Well, The Donald has made his choice. He’s a Mitt man. The pair met up at one of Trump’s Vegas hotels and as Romney and his wife looked on smiling, Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination for president of the United States.

In true Trump fashion, The Donald had them all guessing right up to the minute he made his final decision. Initial reports were that Trump would go for Newt Gingrich and even Gingrich himself thought that he had Trump’s blessing. But essentially Trump told Newt “You’re fired” as he announced for Mitt.

The whole affair last but a few minutes as both Mitt and The Donald swooped in for the photo op and then swooped right out barely spending more than those few minutes basking in endorsement after glow. After all, Trump had fawning from the media to attend to and Mitt, well he just wanted to get on with his campaign.

Many pundit’s tongues were wagging about why Mitt so heartily accepted Trump’s support. In its report CNN mentioned that a Pew poll shows that Trump’s endorsement is not much help in the scheme of things. The assumption from some of these pundits was that Trump against you is worse than Trump for you simply because when he’s against you he spends his time constantly sniping from the side lines and with all the media attention he gets that constant barrage of criticism can mount to annoyance.

So, better to spend five minutes with Trump and accept his support than spend the next untold number of months receiving Trump’s needling.

Also, in post announcement interviews, Trump promised not to run a third party candidacy for president but only if Mitt becomes the nominee. If Mitt loses the primary process, trump left the door open for his return to the race — well, “return” if you believe he was really serious the first time.

So, are we done hearing from Donald Trump about this election? Probably not, but at least for the time being he is out of the running.