Well. You learn something new every single day, dontcha? For instance, I’ll bet that you didn’t know that Jesus was a big government, authoritarian, statist, did you? I’ll bet you didn’t know that he was high on confiscatory taxes and very big on government having the power to take as much money from citizens as it likes. In fact, apparently Jesus was a big fan of folks like Pilot, Caesar, and other nobles.

Well, if you didn’t know all that, your president did and he told us so today.

At Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast, Obama indulged his inner Biblical Scholar and used Jesus to justify his grab for the money earned by those eeeevil rich folks that he hates so much.

Saying he is “extraordinarily blessed,” Obama then wet on to appropriate Jesus and Christianity to give cover to his big government policies. “For me as a Christian,” he said, “it also coincides with Jesus’ teaching that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.”

Obama went on to say that this “mirrors the Islamic belief that those that have been blessed have an obligation to use those blessings to help others…”

Yeah. So, since much is “required,” why, then, government should be able to help itself to that “much” that has been “given,” eh?

Only it wasn’t “given” by government. It was given by God. Therefore it is God’s to deal with, not Obama’s. Or is he saying he is himself a Christ figure that should be allowed such a power over the lowly people? I’m sure if the Old Media has its way that role will be assigned to their Obammessiah.

Of course CNNMoney notes that claims that the Bible approves of confiscatory tax rates is a bit fanciful.

Now, we all know that American politicians have used Christianity as a tool in political discourse since forever. But it is always tricky to use religion to cover your specific political policies and beliefs. The mistake that Obama made here is to claim that Jesus would approve of his policies. This is a bit different than saying God loves the USA, etc. Obama’s is far too specific a claim. Usually politicians keep it more generic and these days they do it far less than in ages past.

We can assume that he just can’t help himself, though. Obama treats in his statist, socialist-like policies just like religion. Like all leftists he believes he is doing God’s work… well, the god of self, anyway. So, it is natural that Obama imagines that Jesus would be so in love with the Obammessiah’s ideas that he’d be fainting at an Obama rally just like the hoi polloi that the President is so used to seeing swoon before him.