RightPundits invites you to participate in the 2012 Nevada Caucus with exit polls (actually “entrance” polls), Nevada caucus results, and live feeds during our live blog. Did Mitt Romney win as the pre-polling predictions suggest? How did Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul do?

The Nevada Caucus begins at 8pm EST, Saturday, February 4, right here at this webpage. To join our live blog, just click on the Cover-It-Live box below. Most of the caucuses in Nevada are scheduled to end at 3pm PST, with Clark County ending at 5pm PST. However, a special caucus for those observing the Sabbath will be conducted at 7pm PST. But we expect to get exit poll and other results well before then and learn who won the Nevada caucus.

2012 nevada caucus

Entrance polls are in the Cover It Live window updates below.

Update: Right Pundits declares Mitt Romney winner of the Nevada Caucus. Time of call 5:15pm PT.

All of the polls show Mitt Romney with a commanding lead in Nevada. There is little time for anything to happen to change the inevitable outcome. So we should have a winner declared very early in the evening. The big question will be how the rest of the pack lines up. Will Ron Paul finish second as expected? Will Rick Santorum out do Newt Gingrich with the endorsement of Rick by Sharon Angle?

As a state, Nevada has suffered long and hard during the Obama administration. The unemployment rate currently stands at over 12.6%, compared to the ′official′ national average of 8.5%. The housing market is extremely bad in Nevada, the worst in the country, with 1 out of every 175 foreclosed and some 62% of home mortgages underwater.

So join us Saturday for the Nevada caucus, exit polls, caucus results and live feed during our live blog. RightPundits will begin our coverage at 8pm EST, which is when the caucuses in Clark County will close. Most of the caucuses in Nevada would have closed two hours earlier while one special caucus will be open until 7pm PST for those of the Jewish faith observing the Sabbath. But we should have plenty of information early in the evening, if not a declared winner as to who won the Nevada caucus. To join the RightPundits live blog, simply click on the Cover-It-Live box below.

Here is the live video feed of the Nevada caucus voting results from CNN.