Since it has been a couple of weeks since we last did a fun Ron Paul story, this latest news item about prostitutes in Carson City, Nevada donating their tips to his campaign under the banner of ′Pimping for Paul′ seemed a natural. With the Nevada caucus this Saturday, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is looking to score big, and not just with prostitutes! His Libertarian ideals have wide appeal in Nevada, a state where just about anything goes. Even some Mormons, whom one would think would automatically gravitate towards Mitt Romney, are supporting Paul instead, holding root beer socials in his honor. Ron Paul could wind up with a strong second-place finish in Nevada.

ron paul prostitutes

You have to admit that between root beer socials and rallies held by prostitutes, there is never a dull moment in the Ron Paul campaign. Not bad for a guy 76 years old. Rep. Paul spent little time and no money in Florida, deciding instead to get a head start in Nevada and Maine. Maine begins its caucus also on Saturday, which runs a full week. In these states, where retail politics still matter, Ron Paul excels as his message is not only popular, but also appeals to the rebel spirit of freedom and liberty in ways that the other candidates cannot achieve.

So the prostitutes at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada are ′Pimping for Paul′, donating their tips to the Ron Paul campaign. Cami Parker, a 25 year old prostitute and Hustler centerfold model, is one of some 500 ladies state-wide helping the Texas Congressman out. According to the San Francisco Gate, the women supported Barack Obama in 2008, but have since shunned Obama after a decision to roundup wild horses on federal land angered them. Now they are backing Ron Paul in the 2012 Nevada caucus this Saturday. Ron Paul generally avoided the Florida primary top focus on the caucuses in the States of Nevada and Maine.