Like a scene in the movie ′Groundhog Day′, America is set to hear another announcement by Donald Trump, this time in Las Vegas, Nevada. With its 2012 caucus to be held there this coming Saturday, speculation is that The Donald will endorse one of the GOP candidates. Less likely is the possibility that he will chuck away the upcoming season of ″Celebrity Apprentice″ and run for president himself. But who can say what really goes on inside the mind of Trump? One thing is for certain, he enjoys attention and once again he′ll be getting plenty of that.

donald trump las vegas 1
Donald Trump is set to appear in Las Vegas tomorrow, Groundhog Day, to make an announcement about the 2012 Presidential campaign. Image Credit: DJDM /

So here we go again. Will Donald throw his hat in the ring and begin a run himself? Exit polling data from all of the four primaries and caucuses show that voters still want another option. Or will he endorse one of the GOP candidates? Which one? Mitt Romney? Newt Gingrich? Rick Santorum? I think we can pretty much rule out an endorsement for Congressman Ron Paul by Donald Trump, given past statements exchanged by these two men.

The deadline for getting on the ballots in the remaining state primaries is drawing near. If anyone is going to jump in, they have to do so now. Trump has the name recognition and the money to pull off such a late entry. He would have avoided all of the lame debates and tiresome retail politics. To run now would be an exercise in mass-marketing, something Trump could engineer with a well-paid publicity service.

What will Donald Trump say in Las Vegas on Groundhog Day 2012? Will he endorse one of the remaining GOP presidential candidates? Or will he finally pony-up and take a shot at the Big Chair himself? Whatever happens, we′ll be watching. What else is there to do?